Kubota is a large and diversified manufacturer of tractors, lawn mowers and construction machinery. Below you will find many of Kubota’s most popular machines. Each link contains detailed specifications, user reviews as well as a general overview on each model.

Kubota Tractors

Kubota B Series Tractors

The Kubota B Series is a range of compact utility tractors that has been designed for a range of different jobs, whether it be farm work, landscaping, construction work or even nursery work. Thankfully the B Series from Kubota is compatible with a large range of different implements and attachments which makes them very versatile.

Kubota B2320 Kubota B2620 Kubota B2630 Kubota B2920
Kubota B3000 Kubota B3200 Kubota B3300SU Kubota B3030
Kubota B6000 Kubota B6100 Kubota B7000 Kubota B7100
Kubota B7500 Kubota B7510 Kubota B7800 Kubota B8200


Kubota L Series Compact Tractors

The Kubota L tractor series are not particularly large. They are intended for use in landscaping projects as well as estate management and small farm operations. The maximum power output from any L series tractor is 59 hp.

Kubota L35 Kubota L245 Kubota L2800 Kubota L3200
Kubota L3240 Kubota L3400 Kubota L3540 Kubota L3700
Kubota L3800 Kubota L3940 Kubota L4240 Kubota L4400
Kubota L4740 Kubota L5040 Kubota L5240 Kubota L5740


Kubota M Tractor Series

The Kubota M tractor series is very large. It is mostly marketed towards the farming community. Whether you are a small farmer or need something with serious pulling power, you will be able to find something that suits your needs in the M series. The lowest powered tractor in the Kubota M range pumps out 43 horsepower, while the most powerful machine has an output of 135 hp.

Kubota M96S Kubota M100X Kubota M108S Kubota M110X
Kubota M126X Kubota M135X Kubota MX4700 Kubota MX5100
Kubota M5140 Kubota M5640SU Kubota M6040 Kubota M7040
Kubota M7040SU Kubota M8540 Kubota M9540


Kubota TLB Tractors

The Kubota TLB tractor series is a small range of compact tractors that utilizes either a loader or a backhoe or both. This makes the TLB range of tractors great on building sites or for landscaping where trenches need to be dug or where material has to be moved.

Kubota B26 Kubota L39 Kubota L45 Kubota M59


Kubota Construction Equipment & Utility Vehicles

Kubota KX Diggers

Kubota is very well known for producing quality tractors and lawn mowers, but they are also well known for the range of high performance KX mini-diggers that they produce

Kubota KX41 Kubota KX91 Kubota KX121


Kubota SVL Compact Track Loaders

Kubota produces a range of compact track loaders that can be used for everything from moving sand, gravel and debris around a construction site to feeding cattle on your farm.

Kubota SVL75 Kubota SVL90


Kubota TRV Utility Vehicle Series

Kubota, like John Deere, produce a range of utility vehicles for moving small loads at high speeds.

Kubota RTV500 Kubota RTV900 Kubota RTV1100 Kubota RTV1140CPX


Kubota Snowblowers

Like John Deere, Kubota designs and builds it own range of snow blowers that can be attached to it’s tractors and lawn mowers as well as a V-Blade.

Kubota GR10 Snow Blower Kubota GF1800 Snow Blower Kubota BX60 Snow Blower
Kubota F80 Snow Blower Kubota T80 Snow Blower Kubota Commercial V Blade


Kubota Lawn Mowers

Kubota BX Series Lawn Tractors

The Kubota BX series of lawn tractors are designed and built to offer the advantages of a small compact utility tractor, while at the same time being capable of mowing your lawn. These tractor lawnmowers are mostly intended for commercial contractors.

Kubota BX23 Kubota BX24 Kubota BX 25 Kubota BX1860
Kubota BX2200 Kubota BX2350 Kubota BX2360 Kubota BX2660


Kubota F Series Front mounted Lawn Mowers

The Kubota F series of front mounted lawn mowers are very large machines that are mostly used by commercial gardeners due to their large size and power. The least powerful machine produces 25.5 hp while the most powerful has an output of 36 hp.

Kubota F2680E Kubota F3080 Kubota F3680


Kubota GR Series Garden Tractor Lawnmowers

The Kubota GR series of tractor lawn mowers offers all wheel drive (AWD) which gives fantastic traction for improved results. The GR range of lawnmowers also has a relatively small minimum turning radius that makes them quite versatile in tight areas.

Kubota GR1600 Kubota GR2020 Kubota GR2100 Kubota GR2120


Kubota T Series Lawn Tractors

The T series of tractor lawnmowers from Kubota are very easy to use thanks to the fact that they use a hydrostatic transmission system which means that you don’t have to worry about gear changing when speeding up or slowing down.

Kubota T1600 Kubota T1880 Kubota T2080 Kubota T2380


Kubota Z Series Zero Turn Lawnmowers

Kubota don’t only manufacture tractor lawn mowers, they also have a range of large zero turn lawn mowers that are controlled using lap bars instead of a steering wheel. These zero turn mowers are marketed towards both individuals as well as commercial users.

Kubota ZD321 Kubota ZD323 Kubota ZD326 Kubota ZG327 Kubota ZD331


Kubota Engines

Kubota are also engine builders.

Kubota D722


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