Kubota M5140

The Kubota M5140 is one of the many tractors in the M series of tractors from Kubota. There are actually many different variants of this tractor due to the fact that when you are buying it brand new, you have a choice of either a 2WD or 4WD chassis. You also have the choice of getting it with either an open operator station or a cab. However the same engine is used on all M 5240 models. This is a Kubota built V2403-DI-T engine. This engine is a 4 cylinder with a total size of 2.434 liters. It has a rated speed of 2600 rpm. The 4 cylinder has a power output of 52 hp and provides the PTO with 46 hp. The fuel tank on the tractor can hold up to 70 liters (18.5 US gallons) of diesel on the open operator station version, while on the model with a cab, the fuel tank can hold up to 90 liters (23.8 US gallons) of diesel.

The gearbox on the Kubota M5140 tractor is a gearshift. This transmission gives the M 5104 8 speeds when going forwards and 8 for reversing also. Depending on the combination you choose, you can get it with either a dry single stage clutch or a multiple wet disc clutch.

The weight of the Kubota M5140 obviously depends on what chassis you choose and whether or not you purchase it with a cab. It’s minimum weight comes in at 2200 kg (4850 lbs), while it’s maximum weight is 2410 kg (5160 lbs). Two tractors in the M series that have less power than this one are the Kubota MX4700 and the Kubota MX5100 tractors, while both the Kubota M6040 and the Kubota M5640SU tractors are much more powerful than it. Please make sure to leave your thoughts on this tractor below, making sure to outline what you enjoy about it, while also making sure to mention what you dislike about it.

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2 Reviews of the “Kubota M5140”

  1. Jim Munden says:

    In the 50 to 75 HP kobota is the only tractor that still uses there engines this is why I said I would never buy another Zetor or any off brand tractors,a big waist of money.I feel at ease with a Kobota.It’s light weight but it has the HP to make it work and one thing about a Kobota,you can drive all day and get off and walk away and a little stiff but drive any of the others they will bet you to death.The Kobota is a smooth tractor.All other tractors that are main stream used china engines witch to me is not a big hp tractor and I don’t want a 3 cylinder motor Kobota is the only one that I know of that still uses there own engines.

    Year of Manufacture: 2015
    Pros: I’ve had 7 kobota’s from small to large still have 3 and I have had all the main manufactures plus the off brand trash and besides some problems and tractor companies problems hand down you can live with it.We do all our own work on our tractors and we do our own warranty work it helps but I just bought a new 5140 the last without the emissions so full circle the Kobota in the class we work in the Kobota would be your best bet
    Cons: I have no real problems just remember most tractor companies are a joke so live with it as long as you can get parts and some back up.Tractors companies are not auto companies so when you buy a tractor it doesn’t work as a car dealer.
    Attachments: Skid steer is the best

  2. CECIL PERRY says:

    3 years with no problems. Use to move hay, mow, with post hole digger, level roads

    Year of Manufacture: 2008
    Pros: Very reliable, great loader, lots of power, will lift a 5×6 round with ease and carry one in front and one in rear, 4×4 will pull things my neigbors 90 hp 2 wheel drive wll not, easy on fuel, easy service
    Cons: none yet
    Attachments: Fronet end loader

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