Craftsman YT4000

The Craftsman YT4000 garden tractor lawn mower is a mid sized model. It very comparable to both the Craftsman 28672 Professional 42 Inch 24 HP Lawn Mower and the Craftsman 13AL78ST299 21 hp 46 Inch tractor lawnmowers. The mower deck on the YT 4000 has a cutting with of 42 inches. This deck houses 2 blades which give a much more even and smoother cut than a single blade would when it’s working alone. The deck is made from 13 gauge steel and attached to it’s edges are 4 anti scalping wheels which work to keep it constantly elevated over the lawn while you are cutting it, which means you lawn won’t end up with any ugly scars. The deck is raised and lowered in 0.5 inch increments from a low of 1.5 inches to a high of 4 inches above the ground by a spring assisted lever.

The mower deck on the Craftsman YT4000 is powered by a Platinum engine that is made by Briggs & Stratton. This engine has overhead valves and a fully pressurized lubrication system. The air intake into the engine is first filtered through a paper element air filter so that it’s clean and free from impurities like dust and other small particles. The engine is kept cool thanks to an air cooling system. The twin cylinder engine has a total displacement of 0.724 liters.

The wheels that the Craftsman YT4000 sits on measure 18×9.5-8 (18 inch diameter, 9.5 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter for the rear wheels, while the front wheels are a good bit smaller, each measuring 15×6-6 (15 inch diameter, 6 inch width, 6 inch rim diameter). The minimum turning radius of the YT 4000 is 16 inches which makes it quite handy if you are cutting grass in awkward and difficult to reach areas. The lawn mower uses a set of disc brakes to control it’s speed.

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4 Reviews of the “Craftsman YT4000”

  1. ChuckG says:

    My overall impression is that the YT4000 is simply a cheaply constructed machine. The drivetrain –the 24HP Vriggs & Stratton Platinum and hydrastatic drive are strong; the rest of the machine is just cheap. Would never recommend this for use on anything bit the smoothest yards.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: Able to make tight turns.
    Front wheels will turn outward 90 degrees and slide instead of turning.
    Cons: Hard to start & often have to hand choke.
    Loud belt, loud exhaust, & rattling panels.
    Tires spin on the slightest amount of wetness when turning or going uphill.
    Fuel level view is worthless.
    Have had to replace or repair dec components every year.
    Attachments: Mulch kit.
    Modifications: Had drive tires gel filled for better traction.

  2. arthur v says:

    my three acres is rather hilly and can get thick at times. it has handled all this very well. granted, I did put tractor lug tread on the back for added traction (it was a must). use a tree bag catcher, std pull behind yard cart that I tend to over load. minor issues (most are due to me). I bend blades, wreck spindles and even one steering arm. The mower pulls incredibly well, the bagger does well if im not trying to stuff too much at a time in it.
    over all, I like this mower and feel it was money very well spent.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010

  3. Patrick Watts says:

    There is no way if buy another craftsman

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: When it works it’s okay
    Cons: Absolutely rubbish build quality.
    The worst thing I’ve ever bought
    Only done 20 hours and the gearbox has failed, the belt keeps breaking. Tires have all had failed.

  4. Steve B says:

    It works well despite the issues I have had. It always starts, runs strong, and is easy to work on.

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: I have a huge hilly property with some steep slopes surrounded by trees. The YT 4000 handles the hills fine except if there is any moisture on the grass. It is comfortable to ride on for the hour and half it takes me to cut the lawn. The power is good, the ease of operation is better than the old Yard Machine, and it rides very smooth. The price was a deciding factor compared to other machines. I got it on sale during the July 4th sale with $500 off the regular price. The HP was higher than other brands, but then I have heard Sears has had issues with over rating their HP.
    Cons: I caught a stick in the drive train area which thrashed the A fly wheel. This lead to the belt slipping and finally breaking. I went to Sears to buy a new fly wheel, and the diagram on the computer did not show the part number. I was unable to order the fly wheel. I went to a private shop and the mechanic found a used one in his shop. The Diagrams on line don’t show accurate part numbers unless you have a microscope.

    The shoot on the mower deck failed. The plastic portion of the shoot broke off, probably from a rock being run over and shot out. That caused debris to fly up. The plastic should be made tougher to withstand hits from objects.

    I installed the mulching cover over the decks opening. It went on easy, but the cover did not fit tight and debris would find its way out of the cracks and cover the top of the deck. There are also machine drilled holes on the deck allowing dust, dirt, and debris to come through the top. I filled those openings with silicon which solved the problem. I am still wondering what those machine holes are for as I have no idea what attachments would go on the top of the deck.

    My main frustration is with the help at the Sears in Marquette Michigan where the employee made no real attempt to find me the correct fly wheel. Better customer service would be appreciated. I am a loyal Craftsman guy, but have seen their qaulity go down. I am buying Ariens snowblower rather than Craftsman just on visible quality. It is ashame that a pround product is being made cheaper.

    Attachments: I plan on buying the plow attachment.
    Modifications: none

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