John Deere 2150

The John Deere 2150 tractor is part of the 2050 series of compact utility tractors. This machine is powered by a diesel engine that is designed and built by JD themselves. The engine is a 3 cylinder which gives it a total volume of 2.9 liters. The engine is naturally aspirated and is fairly efficient, burning 12.2 liters per hour (3.2 US gallons per hour). The engine is kept cool using a liquid cooling system that holds up to 10.4 liters of water. It fires at a compression ratio of 17.4 to 1. The engine uses a dual paper element air filter to stop contaminants from getting inside the engine where they can cause damage. The max power output from the engine comes to 46 hp. The engine is started with a 12 volt battery that gets recharged by a 55 amp alternator.

The JD engine in the John Deere 2150 powers the wheels through a choice of 2 different gearboxes. The first is a Top-Shaft gearbox that gives it 8 speeds going forward and 4 when reversing. The top speed that this gearbox gives the tractor is 26.8 kph (16.7 mph). The other gearbox choice is a JD Hi-Lo TSS transmission. This partial power shift doubles the amount of gears, giving it 16 going forward and 8 when in reverse. This gearbox gives the tractor a top speed of 29.4 kph (18.3 mph).

The engine on the John Deere 2150 also powers the hydraulic system. This is a closed center system that has a valve flow rate of 49.2 liters per minute (13 US gallons per minute). The maximum safe ballasted weight of the JD 2150 is 2689 kg (5930 lbs). The tractor is 1.74 m (68.7 inches) wide. This tractor is the smallest in the John Deere 2050 series. If you like it but would prefer a larger, more powerful model, then you should check out the John Deere 2350 or the John Deere 2550 tractors.

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One Review of the “John Deere 2150”

  1. John McLeod says:

    Very good in the field.

    Year of Manufacture: 1985
    Pros: Comfortable seat, good visibility
    Cons: Batteries inconvenient to service
    Draft links held on by bolt through a rod that extended through differential. The bolt broke on more than one occasion and the rod came out with the result that I lost all the hydraulic fluid.

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