John Deere X534

The John Deere X534 ride on lawn mower is very similar to the other machines in the JD X500 series such as the John Deere X530 or the John Deere X540. However there are some slight differences compared to the other garden tractors in the series. You can get the JD X534 with either a 48 inch or a 54 inch cutting deck depending on your needs. This cutting deck gets it’s power from an 0.675 liter, V twin Kawasaki engine that produces 25 horsepower. This air cooled engine gives the lawn mower a maximum speed going forward of 7.2 mph (11.6 kph), while in reverse it has a maximum speed of 5.2 mph (8.4 kph). Thankfully it uses an automatic transmission, meaning no gear changes.

As the John Deere X534 is slightly bigger, it also has a correspondingly bigger turning radius of 27 inches (0.67 meters). You’ll be happy to hear that it uses 4WS power steering making controlling the machine relatively easy. The cutting deck is raised and lowered via a hydraulic system that gives 13 different cutting heights, each of which vary by just 0.25 inches.

The wheelbase on the JD X534 measures in at 1.3 m (51 inches), while the overall length of the machines is 2.01 m (79 inches) when it is not carrying any attachments. Once the 54 inch mower deck is attached, the total width of the machine comes to 1.64 m (64.5 inches), although the overall width is obviously lower if the 48 inch mower deck is attached. The height of the John Deere X534 lawn mower is 1.22 m (48 inches). It weighs in at 411 kg (905 lbs) when it’s fully fueled up and has the 54 inch mower deck attached. With the 48 inch mower deck, it weighs in at 401 kg (885 lbs). Obviously the John Deere X534 can take many different attachments thanks to it’s CargO Mount system whether they are snow blowers, front blades, scrappers or harrows. It can also take either a 7, 14 or 19 bushels bagger at the back for collecting clippings. For more information on this model, you can check it out on the official JD site by clicking here.

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6 Reviews of the “John Deere X534”

  1. Bob Hammerstrom says:

    Love the tractor, although it is getting move difficult to switch the mover and snowblower now that I am in my 50’s. Snowblower needs to be adjusted every year. Seems to eat belts now, and pulleys don’t hold up, had to replace both smaller ones twice. Blows snow that even higher than the top of the blower, with plenty of power. Would buy another new if I could afford. Will try to keep this baby running for another 5-10 years if I can.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: Cuts great, powerful engine, snowblower can chute snow over to neighbors lawn 25 feet away if I want, easy to change oil and maintain, has lasted 15 years now and runs well with 200 hours.
    Cons: Expensive, engine will not start now, has done this twice this summer, tuned up this spring. Grass chute plugs up easy at bottom, power lift tab broke off once, cover over mower pulley broke off, Difficult to remove mower and attach snowblower, hard to use trailer when grass bagger is attached.
    Attachments: 47 inch snowblower, 48 inch mower with collection bags on back, trailer, grill guard, rear weights, chains.
    Modifications: snowblower belt rubs on power steering cylinder, brought it in to dealer first year and they taped up the cylinder with electrical tape which has since failed. Manually pull in out of the way and check periodically with blower on – engineering issue.

  2. Joel Bullock says:

    This is the first purchase I have ever made for a John Deere. I always thought that I had to have the zero turn mowers, but after my back surgeries I knew that I had to start looking for something else. Glad I did. Oh by the way, my wife is very glad that I picked the JOHN DEERE X534.

    Year of Manufacture: 2012
    Pros: plenty of power, easy cutting around trees/shrubs. Very easy steering, Quality engine by Kawasaki (27 hp). Seems to be good on gas but have only used it twice since it was delivered to me on 23 Aug 2012. The 54″ deck is to me easy to clean. I just follow the owners manual for deck cleaning and afterwards I inspect to make sure all grass has been removed. The seat is alot more comfortable than the “Bad Boy” commercial 60″ that I sold prior to purchasing the JD X534. And the ride is 100% smoother. I have had 4 back surgeries since 2004 and the Bad Boy was beating me to death .Never did like the steering of the BB but now steering is so easy. Always liked being able to steer with one hand in stead of two all the time. Before purchasing a ztr mower, I would highly recommend that you take a look at this mower. I cut a little over 51/2 acres with it. All in all it is a magnificent machine for my needs.
    Cons: none found yet
    Attachments: I purchased the mechanical integral hitch which was installed by JD and it works beautifully. Plan on doing some gardening next spring and there are plenty of attachments to work with this hitch.
    Modifications: NONE

  3. Mark V says:

    Expensive, but I am not rich enough to afford something cheap–not on my property anyway. Very satisfied to date.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Great performance. 4 wheel steering allows for wide deck, yet ability to get close around trees. Kawasaki motor strong, especially when bagger is full and you still have to maneuver up a steep hill–you really feel the transmission working hard (hopefully it will last). Solid frame which is important if you have uneven, hilly terrain which really beats up on the tractor (especially when loaded). Reliable starts, even after several months of inaction. Large fuel tank allowing for hours of operation which is important for large properties. Snow removal with blade and chains works great–plenty of power and don’t need rear weights. Good service from local JD dealer. Differential lock is a must and works well–sometimes it doesn’t disengage well and interferes with the steering for some reason–but gets you out of tight spots, especially in wet, hilly terrain.
    Cons: Quite a chore to attach the bagger system, I can do it alone, but no way my wife can. The frame is heavy, the bagger is bulky and you have to be precise in attaching it. I have a trailer hitch so removing the bagger is an issue. Exhaust facing down so stopping the tractor to empty grass whilst leaving it idling means burned grass. It would be better to have a side exhaust, but then you deal with heat and fumes for the driver–not an easy issue to resolve. AWS causes uneven cutting when cutting tight radii–regardless of speed.
    Attachments: Turbo Bagger, hitch, snow blade.
    Modifications: Had to file a bit of the pulley cover to fit the turbo grass blower, otherwise the pulley belt rubbed on the edge of the attachment.

  4. John says:

    Like this tractor but deere engineering still needs to resolve mounting a tiller and get rid of cheap plastic parts.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Easy to steer, beats a ZTR. Runs a 48″ push blade and snowblower, plenty of power.
    Cons: In 200 hours have gone thru two clutch packs .. expensive if not covered by warranty.
    Cheap plastic control for deck lift, it will break.
    Cannot install a tiller…deere should resolve this.
    Has headlights but no tail lights…. cheap move by deere.
    Attachments: 48″ snow blower
    48″ push blade
    Brush Guard

  5. R R Jansen says:

    Could not have made a better choice. What the hell, at my age, I deserved to finally buy the best!

    Year of Manufacture: 2011
    Pros: I’m a recent buyer of an X534 but not new to riding mowers. I’m 65, grew up on a farm and have probably owned a dozen or so riding mowers over the years. Even though it is the most expensive, it is the best riding mower I have ever ridden. The 4 wheel steering is nothing short of fantastic since I have a lot of trees on the 2 acres I mow. My last mower was a Husqvarna 2654 and it does not compare to half of the John Deere. The Husky is a better than average machine but the 534 mows circles around it (no pun intended). It costs twice as much of course but is worth every penny of it. If you can possibly afford it and have a big lawn with some hills and trees, you will never regret splurging for the X 534.
    Cons: Just the expense but worth every dollar.
    Attachments: Probabky just a grader in the future.
    Modifications: I built and attached a 6″ x 18″ x 18″ box on the back for getting the mail, sticks, litter, etc.

  6. John Carter says:

    Not as solid as my older Toro Wheel Horse, but will cut circles around it.

    After using the Toro for many, many years, this thing is a dream to use.

    The toro may out last it yet, but for right now I am very happy, especially after making the modification described below.

    AWS if a wonderful thing for those of us who do not want to wed ourselves to the two control levers found on ztr’s.

    I can cut acres of grass quickly, with one hand resting in my lap.

    Year of Manufacture: 2010
    Pros: Plenty of power, turns on a dime, holds 5 gallons of fuel, which will last a good while, very comfortable. with steering knob one hand can do it all, cuts down on your cut time by at least 1/3. For anyone not excited about driving a stick driven ztr, especially someone with a physical handicap, this is a good alternative to a normal zero turn.
    Cons: Hood seems too light weight (get the front grill guard if you have a lot of trees), will scalp on the outside turning edge if you are turning too fast, the mowing deck pulley covers tend to fill up with grass, twigs, and whatever else you are cutting up. A little annoying rattle developed after hitting corner of concrete slab with front corner of deck. Most folks wouldn’t notice it but I am a little nit picky. Be careful at first when getting close to obstacles, as I got a little too comfy, with the steering knob that I added.

    Attachments: None
    Modifications: Remedy too the right side spindle pulley cover clogging with debri.

    On the discharge side which normally you can’t even blow out completely with an air hose (the left side you can) , drill and then cut out and elongated eye/teardrop (1.5 inches in diameter, roughly) at about the 2:00 position as related to the rightside end of the horizontal blowout port). This seems confusing, but if you are looking at the cover from the right side of the mowing deck, you’ll see that there is only one place to do it.

    This new opening will allow you to blow out the debri that gets stuck around the front side of that spindle pulley. Thus you can maintain a safety measure that many owners simply remove.

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