John Deere 2035

The John Deere 2035 tractor was built for a period of 3 years during the seventies from 1977 when production on it first started until 1979. The tractor is available in either 2WD or with 4WD MFWD. The tractor was built in JD’s Spanish facility which is located in Getafe. When buying the JD 2035 tractor brand new, you had a choice of getting it with either an open operator station or instead with a cab. Some people who bought the tractor with the open operator station have added their own roll bar by either welding or bolting it on (although this does not always make the roll bar entirely secure).

The John Deere 2035 gets it’s power from a John Deere designed and built engine. This is a 4 cylinder diesel that is liquid cooled. The engine has a replaceable dry type air filter which stops small particulate matter from getting into the engine and combustion chambers. The max power output from the engine is 65 hp. It uses a continuously variable transmission to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. The rear wheels which are completely responsible for powering the 2WD tractor each measure 18.4-30 (18.4 inch width, 30 inch rim diameter). The front wheels which also power the JD 2035 on the 4WD MFWD model each measure 7.4-16 (7.4 inch width, 16 inch rim diameter).

If you have owned or even operated the John Deere 2035, then make sure to leave a review below as it’s not the best known machine from JD. Try to include as much detail as possible about your experiences with it. Even if you have had a negative experience operating it try to include any positives too to give an objective look into what owning a JD 2035 entails.

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