John Deere 2140

The John Deere 2140 tractor was built from 1980 until 1987. During this long production run, all construction of the tractor took place in JD’s plant which is located in Mannheim in Germany. When buying the tractor brand new, you had the choice of getting it with a 4X2 2WD chassis or a 4X4 MFWD 4WD chassis. The tractor’s weight obviously differs depending on the chassis. The 4WD model weighs in at 3946 kg (8700 lbs), while the 2WD tractor weighs 3538 kg (7800 lbs). The wheelbase of the tractor is 2.29 m (90.2 inches).

The engine powering the John Deere 2140 tractor is built in house by John Deere themselves. This engine is a 4 cylinder that is cooled using a liquid cooling system that requires 15.1 liters of water. The engine is turbocharged and is obviously powered by diesel. It fires at a compression ratio of 16.8 to 1. The lubrication system charged with keeping the engine properly oiled and working smoothly holds 7.6 liters of motor oil. The total volume of the engine is 3.9 liters and it’s max power output comes to 82 hp. The engine powers the wheels through one of 2 different gearboxes. One choice is a transmission that gives the tractor 8 speeds going forward and 4 for reversing. The other gearbox choice gives the JD 2140 double the amount of gears, 16 speeds going forward and 8 for reversing.

The engine on the John Deere 2140 also powers it’s rear 3 point hitch. This is category 1/2 hitch that has a maximum lifting capacity of 2560 kg (7850 lbs). The engine powers the hydraulic system which in turn powers the hitch. This is a closed center hydraulic system that has a capacity to hold up to 41.6 liters of hydraulic fluid. It has a flow rate of 39 liters per minute (10.3 US gallons per minute). It’s operating pressure is 170 bar (2466 psi).

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 2140”

  1. William J Draper says:

    Grading, mowing, PTO tiller, etc

    Year of Manufacture: 19820
    Pros: Easy starting/ transmission great
    Cons: Seat comfort (minor)

  2. daniel mcgeehan says:

    overall love the tractor, just want all components to be in 100% working order.

    Year of Manufacture: 1980
    Pros: powerful tractor. has a turbo and a very rugged frame. engine runs smoothly.
    Cons: seat leaves much to be desired. believe it is after market. can’t find an original replacement. hydraulic system has given me fits. pto bogs down when hitting high vegetation. seals leaked. replaced them. have replaced starter. will likely spend up to $1000.00 fixing hydraulic problem.
    Attachments: run a brushbull 7200 (Woods brushhog) when mowing fields. plow snow with 72″ blade. have plowed ground with 3 bottom plow and run hydraulic log splitter.
    Modifications: added a rollover protection system(roll bar) and seat belted seat due to part of our ground being a bit hilly.

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