Kubota MX5100

The Kubota MX5100 special utility tractor is a slightly more powerful model that in many respects is very similar to the Kubota MX4700. This tractor uses a Kubota manufactured diesel engine. This is a V2403-M-T four cylinder engine that has a total power output of 52.2 hp. The engine in the MX 5100 is the same size as the one powering the MX 4700 tractor with a displacement of 2.434 liters, except that this engine is turbocharged. This engine also utilizes a liquid cooling system to prevent overheating. The dry type, dual element air filter on this engine keeps dust and particulate matter out of the air intake. The engine is started by a key start ignition using a 12 volt battery. The battery is then recharged by 45 amp alternator during operation.

Power from the engine on the Kubota MX5100 gets to the wheels through a choice of transmissions. One is a gear shift transmission that provides the tractor with 8 forward speeds and another 8 for reversing. However this is a lot of work when you are constantly changing speed. Instead you may be interested in the hydrostatic gearbox which gives the MX5100 infinite speeds over 3 different gear ranges. Braking on this tractor is done with mechanical wet disc brakes. There is also a differential lock on it to make turning that much easier.

The rear of the Kubota MX5100 features a PTO that has a rated speed of 540 rpm. There is also a category 1 (and the option of a category 2) 3 point hitch at the rear of the tractor. This hitch has a maximum lifting capacity 1050 kg (2310 lbs). The hydraulic system on the tractor which powers the 3 point hitch, has a pump capacity of 35.8 l/min (9.5 US gallons per minute). The MX 5100 can accommodate both a backhoe and a front end loader as well as many other implements.

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One Review of the “Kubota MX5100”

  1. RomanianSkulll98 says:


    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: Good power, Roomy cockpit..
    Cons: Sometimes the power steering hesitates
    Attachments: Front end loader, Bushhog

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