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There are 2 very similar but slightly different versions of the Kubota M126X tractor. One is the regular tractor, while the other is the Power Krawler which uses a track system instead of rear wheels. The advantages of the track system on the Power Krawler are that it gives you better traction over a wide array of ground types as well as leaving less of a thread mark when compared to standard tires. Besides the tracks, everything about the regular version and the Kubota M126X Power Krawler are exactly the same.

Both machines use the same engine which is a V6108-TI-CRS diesel model. This Kubota designed and manufactured engine uses the common rail system and is a 4 cylinder model. The engine uses direct injection which helps starting it on cold mornings. It has a total engine size of 6.124 liters. The turbocharged engine produces a max power output of 125 hp, while supplying the PTO with a maximum of 108 hp. Starting the engine is done with a 12 bolt battery that supplies the engine with 1090 cold cranking amps. This battery then gets recharged by an 80 amp alternator when the engine is ticking over.

Power from the engine is brought to the wheels of the Kubota M126X by first passing through one of 2 different gearboxes. One transmission gives the tractor 24 speeds in both forwards and reverse, while the other transmission gives the tractor 16 speeds in forwards and reverse. The top speed of the M126X is 38.1 kph (23.7 mph). The tractor is slowed down using a set of hydraulically operated wet disk brakes. There are also a number of attachments that are compatible with this tractor that can either be attached to the rear, category 2, 3 point hitch or the Kubota LA2253 loader on the front of the tractor.

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