Kubota M135X

The Kubota M135X tractor is one of the largest and most powerful in the M series, especially when you compare it to the likes of the Kubota M100X, Kubota M110X or the Kubota M126X tractors. The M135 x uses the same V6108-TI-CRS engine that you will find on the M126X. This engine uses a intercooled turbocharger and is rated at 2200 rpm. The engine uses a 10 inch dual element dry type air filter to remove all dust and other small particulate matter from the air intake before it enters the engine where it could potentially clog the combustion chamber. The total engine size comes to 6.124 liters. The 12 V battery that supplies the engine with starting power gets recharged during operation by a 80 amp alternator.

The Kubota M135X is fairly nippy, with a top speed of 38.1 kph (23.7 mph) as well as an optional creep speed of between 0.22 mph and 1.16 mph. The engine on the M135X also powers the hydraulics system. For the 3 point rear hitch is has a flow rate of 77.2 liters l/min (20.4 US gallons per minute), while the power steering has a flow rate of 57.9 l/min (15.3 US gallons per minute). The 3 point hitch is a category 2 model that has a maximum safe lifting capacity of 2360 kg (5203 lbs), but with the use of 2 assisting cylinders, this lifting capacity can be increased to 4285 kg (9447 lbs).

The Kubota M135X can use a wide range of different attachments and implements at the rear of the tractor, as well as hauling fairly heavy loads with relative ease. This is on top of the option of a Kubota LA2253 front end loader. the LA2253 has a raising time of 5.3 second from the ground to it’s maximum height of 3.76 m (148 inches), while it has a lowering time of 4.1 seconds. The maximum lifting capacity of this loader comes to 2803 kg (6180 lbs).

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4 Reviews of the “Kubota M135X”

  1. Robin Chambers says:

    Has been a troublefree tractor since new ,paint is not the best and hydraulics are fiddly with too many buttons

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Good open cab and nice to drive
    Cons: slightly undepowered and not great on fuel
    Attachments: Loader
    Modifications: none

  2. Edwin Petrowsky says:

    Totally unreliable. This M135gx is by far the worst piece of any equipment I have ever owned and I have been farmining fo 60yrs. Buyer lookout

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Versatile
    Cons: Constant engine computer problems
    Attachments: Loader
    Modifications: None

  3. Edwin Petrowsky says:

    It is a piece of junk.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: Versatile
    Cons: Constant engine computer problems. Worst piece of equipment I ever owned run away

    • Harlan says:

      Loved operating the m135x did all i needed an more.bought it at around 4000 hrs I put less than 60 hrs on it an I’d told my dealer 3 times it wasn’t starting right an 3 times they said it’s fixed. Well on 8/15/21 I started it the ignition fused and it burned up. Has anyone else had this problem?

      Year of Manufacture: 2010
      Pros: Liked the tractor did all i needed
      Cons: It started slow on the starter
      Attachments: Loader
      Modifications: None

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