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The Kubota M100X tractor is part of the mid size AG class within the M series of tractors from Kubota. This is the smallest one in the AG class. It gets it’s power from V3800-TI-CRS engine. This engine has a displacement of 3.769 liters and uses an intercooled turbocharger which gives it a total power output of 97.7 hp. It provides the PTO with up to 85 hp. The engine on the M 100X uses a liquid cooling system to help keep it cool and has a dry type dual element air filter to clear the air intake of dust and other small particles before it enters into the combustion chamber. The engine uses a keystart ignition and 12 volt battery which supplies 900 cold cranking amps. The battery is then recharged with an 80 amp alternator during operation.

The fuel tank on the Kubota M100X has the capacity to hold up to 190 liters (50.2 US gallons) of diesel. The engine brings power to the wheels of the tractor through a choice of 2 Intelli-Shift gearboxes. The first transmission gives the tractor 24 speeds going forwards and 24 when reversing also. The other transmission gives it 16 speeds traveling forward and 16 for reversing. Gears on the M100 x are changed using a hydraulic multiple wet disc clutch. The tractor is slowed down using hydraulically operated wet disc brakes.

The total weight of the Kubota M100X tractor comes to 4020 kg (8863 lbs). It has a fairly decent minimum turning radius of 3.8 m when the brakes are not being used and it’s still in 4WD mode. All in all, the M 100 X tractor is a handy one, that is compatible with a range of implements that make it very handy on practically any farm. If you like this model, but would prefer something with a good bit more power, then you should consider either the Kubota M110X or the Kubota M126X tractors.

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