Kubota M9540

The Kubota M9540 utility tractor is practically the biggest and most powerful tractor in the M series. It’s a good bit bigger and stronger than the Kubota M8540 tractor, but dwarfs the likes of the Kubota MX5100 and the Kubota M5140 tractors. Many people find the M 9540 similar to the Kubota M8540 tractor as they both use the same engine, the V3800-DI-T. However the engine is tweeked on the M9540 to produce a maximum of 95 hp in power output (84 hp max for the PTO). The engine is started via a 12 volt battery. This battery is then recharged by either a 60 amp alternator (on the CAB model) or a 45 amp alternator (on the open operator station model). There is also the option of upgrading the alternator to an 80 amp model.

The engine on the Kubota M9540 tractor also powers the front loader through the hydraulics system. This is the Kubota LA1353 loader model. This LA 1353 has a choice of 2 buckets. The first is the 72 inch wide model that has the capacity to hold up to 0.55 cubic meters. With this bucket attached, the loader has a maximum lifting capacity of 1300 kg (2866 lbs). The second, larger bucket is 84 inches wide and has the capacity to hold up to 0.64 cubic meters. The maximum lifting capacity of this bucket comes to 1350 kg (2977 lbs).

As there is a choice of chassis on the Kubota M9540 tractor (either 2WD or 4WD) as well as the option of a cab, it’s weight varies greatly too. The minimum weight of the M 9540, with an open operator station and 2WD chassis comes to 2310 kg (5095 lbs), while with a cab and 4WD chassis, it weighs a lot more at 2800 kg (6175 lbs). Please make sure to leave your thoughts on this powerful utility tractor below outlining what you see as it’s pluses and minuses.

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One Review of the “Kubota M9540”

  1. CECIL PERY says:

    4 years

    Year of Manufacture: 2007
    Pros: Very reliable, lots of power, great a/c, easy to service nice loader, 4×4 will pull 12 disk with ease.
    Cons: Seat uncomfortable, transmission has a loud whine at certain rpm’s, a little light in the ass when you lift heavy load had to put water in the tires or heavy box blade on the rear to counter balance
    Attachments: 1353 loader, box blade ,15ft bat wing ,harrow drag, stup bucket post hole digger, tree boom, pasture renovator

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