Kubota GR2120

The Kubota GR2120 garden tractor lawn mower is the larger of the 2 models in the Kubota GR series. If you would like to know more about the Kubota GR2020 lawnmower, then just click here. The GR 2120 has a choice of mower decks that it can be used with. These are the either a mowing deck with a 48 inch cutting width or a deck with a cutting width of 54 inches. These mower decks are both connected to the garden tractor via a parallel linkage system. The mower deck has a cutting range of 3 inches. It’s lowest operating height is 1 inch above the ground and it’s highest operating height is 4 inches above the ground. Raising and lowering of the deck is done in small 0.25 inch increments. Both mower decks house 3 blades.

The Kubota GR2120 garden tractor lawnmower is fairly heavy, tipping the scales at 440 kg (970 lbs). It gets it’s power from a D782 diesel engine. This engine has a displacement of 0.778 liters and is a 3 cylinder. The engine doesn’t overheat thanks to a liquid cooling system. The fuel tank supplying the GR2120 with diesel can hold up to 18 liters (4.8 US gallons). This engine powers the mower deck by passing power through a hydraulic wet multi disc PTO clutch. It drives the wheels by passing it’s power through a hydrostatic transmission which makes the lawnmower an automatic with no gear changing required.

The speed of the Kubota GR2120 is controlled by a foot pedal. It has a top speed of 10 kph (6.2 mph) when traveling forwards and 5 kph (3.1 mph) when reversing. This GR 2120 comes with cruise control as standard. You’ll be glad to know that it’s a very versatile machine thanks to the fact that it can be used with a 46 snow blower during the winter or a 48 inch front blade for clearing snow/debris. There is also a rear bagger attachment to collect the grass clippings.

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2 Reviews of the “Kubota GR2120”

  1. Geno says:

    Bottom line with this lawn tractor is that its too heavy. Basic tractor with deck weighs almost 1000 lbs. Add a grass catcher loaded with grass and a 250 pound operator and you at about 3/4 ton. This tractor ruts up my yard. Had an old MDT from Lowes that was better.

    Year of Manufacture: 2018

  2. Gerald Smith says:

    I personally like the mower, my wife, not so much.

    Year of Manufacture: 2014
    Pros: Diesel, heavy duty. So far, this only has about 7 hours on it, so mechanically, I have no judgment. GR2120 model
    Cons: First, I would have to complain about the LACK of a complete mower belt guard. Not as a safety concern, but as this throws dry grass and leaves all over the operator from the circulation of the open belt design, not from the discharge chute. Next, I wonder if people stay up at night trying to figure out ways to annoy the consumer. Why can’t I go in reverse with the mower running? Not every one has kids running around and even if they do, let them use common sense while mower. Very aggravating. And now, since this was purchased for the wife, she does not like it because it rides too rough. Not everyone has one of those manicured smooth lawns. This does ride like a tank. Also, with only 3 attachments available, the prices for them are awfully high. Am I paying for the name?
    Attachments: 54 inch mower deck
    Modifications: none

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