White Outdoor SB928 Snow Blower

The White Outdoor SB928 Snow Blower is a lot smaller than the likes of the White Outdoor 14545SW 45 Inch Snow Blower and the White Outdoor SB945 Snow Blower. However it still packs a serious punch with it’s clearing width of 0.71 m (28 inches). It’s clearing height is (22 inches). It’s first line for attacking the snow in front of it is its’ auger which is made from serrated steel. Once the snow is chopped up it is then sucked up by the impeller which further breaks up the snow into smaller particles. At the same time, the impeller forces the snow out through the chute at high speed.

The chute is made from polymer to help prevent blockages from occurring. It is controlled remotely from the operator’s station and can turn through 180 degrees. At the end of the chute is the deflector. The purpose of this is to provide the operator with greater control and accuracy as to where he is sending the snow. The total weight of the machine is 136.1 kg (300 lbs) which is quite heavy for a snow thrower this size.

The White Outdoor SB928 dual stage, 28 inch snowblower is powered by a Snow King engine that has a power output of 10.5 horse power. This power is transferred to the wheels via a all wheel drive transmission that gives the SB 928 6 gears when it’s traveling forwards and 2 gears for when it’s reversing. To start this engine you can just plug it in and press the electric starter button. Or you can alternatively use the pull cord recoil mechanism to start it. The fuel tank on this machine is capable of holding up to 3.8 liters (1 US gallon) of gasoline, which will allow you to operate it for well over 1 hour without need to stop and refuel.

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