White Outdoor SB945 Snow Blower

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The White Outdoor SB945 Snow Blower is a very large machine and has a clearing width of 1.14 m (45 inches) just like the White Outdoor 14545SW 45 Inch Snow Blower. The SB945 dual stage snow thrower is powered by a 4 stroke Snow King engine that provides a maximum power output of 13 hp. This is started by plugging it into the mains electricity and simply pressing the electric starter switch. Or if you don’t happen to be close to a power supply, you can instead start the snowblower the old fashioned way using a pull cord recoil system.

While the clearing width of the White Outdoor SB945 snowblower is 45 inches, it has an intake height of 0.56 m (22 inches). Housed inside the snowblower is a serrated steel auger that easily cuts up the snow in front of it. As it’s cutting up the snow, it is simultaneously shifting it towards the center of the machine where the impeller is located. The impeller has a massive diameter of 0.41 m (16 inches) and is made up of 4 steel blades. The impeller is spinning so fast that it sucks up the snow and then forces it out the chute at high speeds, sending it far from where it was first picked up.

The White Outdoor SB945 dual stage snow blower sits on 4 X Trac tires, each of which has a width of 0.17 m (6.5 inches) giving the machine quite good traction when traveling over surfaces that are not particularly firm. The weight of this machine comes to 220 kg (485 lbs) which is understandable given it’s size. It comes with a 2 year warranty for any individuals purchasing it, while if you are a commercial enterprise purchasing it this warranty only extends to the first 90 days.

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