White Outdoor 14545SW 45 Inch Snow Blower

The¬†White Outdoor 14545SW 45 Inch Snow Blower is an incredibly large machine mostly used by people who have a lot of deep snow that they need to clear. It is powered by a strong PowerMore engine. This is a large 0.42 liter, 4 stroke engine. Because it’s a 4 stroke engine, you never need to worry about having to mix gasoline and oil. You just add them separately to the machine and it automatically mixes them. This engine can be started by one of 2 starting mechanisms. The first is a 110 volt electric starter. The 14545 SW 45 inch snow thrower needs to be plugged in for this. However if you are not near a plug socket, then you can can simply use the recoil (pull cord) system that you will see on older snowblowers and most push lawnmowers.

The engine transfers power to the wheels via a friction wheel drive transmission that gives the White Outdoor 14545SW 45 inch snowblower 6 speeds when traveling forward, but only 2 speeds when it’s reversing. The machine uses X Trac wheels which have been specifically designed for icy and snow covered surfaces. These wheels have a width of 0.17 m (6.5 inches) and there is 2 of them on either side of the axle. So in total there is 4 wheels on this snow blower.

The White Outdoor 14545SW snow blower obviously has a clearing width of 1.14 m(45 inches) while it’s intake height measures 0.61 m (24 inches). The auger is made from serrated steel and makes light work of even very compacted snow. Next up, the auger breaks up the snow further and sends it flying through the chute and away from the clearing area. The impeller consists of 4 steel blades and has a diameter of 0.41 m (16 inches).

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