Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Blower

The Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Blower is a small snow thrower with a clearing width of just 0.46 m (18 inches). This machine is powered by a 13.5 amp electric motor which allows the SJ620 to remove up to 294.8 kg (650 lbs) of snow every minute. It has the ability to clear an area of up to 199.7 sq m (2150 sq ft) of snow every hour. Unlike a lot of the larger models like the Snow Joe SJ908 Snow Blower or the Snow Joe SJ907 Snow Blower, the SJ620 snow thrower has an intake height of just 0.25 m (10 inches). However you can get much smaller machines like then hand held Snow Joe 322P Electric Snow Blower which has a smaller clearing width of just 0.3 m (12 inches).

snow joe sj620 electric snow blowerThe Snow Joe SJ620 electric snowblower is a single stage machine meaning that it has only an auger to deal with snow. It does not have an impeller. The auger is constructed from strong steel and consists of 4 separate blades. This powerfully cuts up the snow in front of if, even if it’s heavily compacted or wet. It then breaks it up and forces it through the chute at high speed. The 13.5 amp electric motor is capable of throwing snow up to 6.1 m (20 feet) from the clearing area. You will be pleased to know that maintenance on this model is minimal for the simple reason that there is no oil to add and less mechanical parts than on gasoline powered machines of a similar size.

The Snow Joe SJ620 single stage electric snow thrower is adequate for most homes that don’t receive regular and large falls of snow. However if you have a large driveway to clear, you might possibly consider a larger machine such as the Snow Joe SJ905 Snow Blower.You will be pleased to know that if you do purchase this machine, it comes with a 2 year warranty. Click Here to buy the Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Blower.

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One Review of the “Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Blower”

  1. G.R. Ronan says:

    In the fall of 2018 I had A total knee replacement and as winter approched I wondered how I was going to remove snow from my upper driveway. I have A DR brush mower with the snow blower head that is kept in my detached garage but I knew by the end of November that I would be in no condition to wrestle that 15 h.p.beast around. I saw the Snow Joe for sale on A website I frequent and as it said I could return it if not satisfied I ordered it. It came very quickly and I upgraded the warranty to 5 year’s for not much money.
    I live in Minnesota and the snow is pretty dry until March or April but I thought that I would be able to use the DR or actually get in my Case skid loader by that time. As it turned out we had A very easy winter snow wise although with the polar vortex it was extremely cold. The snow that came in Dec, Jan.And Feb.was very dry and the Snow Joe handled it with flying colors!
    It is not designed for dirt driveways but I removed the large rocks before the first snow and it handled the little nuggets just fine. If you have A paved driveway you will have it made.
    I like that there is no gas or oil to mess with and I keep it in my house. Can’t really do that safely with A gas unit.
    I used it again in 2019 when my left knee was replaced (glad I’m not A centipede!). I don’t know if it will get much use in the future but I’ll hang on to it. It’s small and can hang on the garage wall until needed. Who knows. I may end up getting my hip replaced ,with my luck, then it might get some more use!!

    Year of Manufacture: 2018
    Pros: For A little electric blower it really kicks out the snow!
    Cons: Not good on heavy wet snow. The rock hard ridge the state or county plow leaves at the head of your driveway will not be removed by ol’ Joe!
    Attachments: None
    Modifications: None

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