Snow Joe 322P Electric Snow Blower

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The Snow Joe 322P Electric Snow Blower is the smallest snow blower that you can get from the team at Snow Joe. It’s so small in fact that this machine does not have wheels. Instead it’s a hand held snowblower. It has 7.5 amp electric motor and needs to be plugged in for it to work. It’s been specifically designed for smaller jobs in hard to reach areas like paths, steps and narrow walkways. Even though this is just a small hand held machine, it can still move up 136.1 kg (300 lbs) of snow every minute and it can throw this snow up to 6.1 meters (20 feet) from where it is cleared.

snow joe 322P electric snow blower, electric snow shovelTo keep the weight of Snow Joe 322P electric snow thrower low, it uses a lot of plastic components instead of steel. The auger that initially clears the snow is made from plastic as is the chute that is used for channeling the snow away from the clearing area. The auger consists of 3 blades that spin incredibly fast to effectively deal with even compacted snow. The 332P has an ergonomic handle so that if you plan on using it over long periods, it is less likely to strain your arms and back.

The clearing width of the Snow Joe 322P electric snowblower is 0.3 m (12 inches) and it can tackle snow depths of up to 0.1 m (4 inches). Most households find that this snow thrower is fantastic for dealing with light falls of snow. However if they have a large area to clear or the snow is particularly heavy, they might find using a machine like the Snow Joe SJ908 Snow Blower or the Snow Joe SJ907 Snow Blower a whole lot easier. Click Here to buy the Snow Joe 322P Electric Snow Blower.

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