White Outdoor SB630 Snow Blower

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The White Outdoor SB630 Snow Blower is bigger than the White Outdoor SB928 Snow Blower but nowhere near as big as the White Outdoor 14545SW 45 Inch Snow Blower or the White Outdoor SB945 Snow Blower. It gets is power from a Snow King, 4 stroke engine that has a power output of 10.5 hp. This provides huge amounts of power to this 2 stage snowblower as well as propelling it forward. To start the engine, you simply need to just plug it in and press the 120 volt electric starter button. However you will often find that you are not close to a plug when you need to start it, so it also comes with a pull cord, recoil mechanism to start it.

The White Outdoor SB630 dual stage snowblower gets it fuel from a gas tank that can hold up to 3.8 liters of gasoline. Power from the Snow King engine is transferred to the wheels via an all wheel drive transmission. The transmission gives the SB630 2 gears for when it’s reversing and 6 gears for traveling forwards. This 30 inch snow thrower sits on X Trac wheels which have been specially designed to give the machine extra grip in snowy and icy conditions. These wheels have a diameter of 0.41 m (16 inches) and are 0.17 m (6.5 inches) wide, so that there is always a large surface area in contact with the ground.

The White Outdoor SB630 has a large halogen headlight incorporated into the design so that you can operate it during dawn, dusk and at night. If you are buying the snowblower as an individual user (and not a commercial one), then it comes with 2 year, limited warranty. The total weight of the machine when you buy it (before it’s fueled up and the oil has been added) comes to 104.3 kg (230 lbs).

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