White Outdoor H9575 Snow Blower

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The White Outdoor H9575 Snow Blower is a large machine from the MTD team. It’s very similar to the White Outdoor SB630 Snow Blower as it has a clearing width of 0.76 m (30 inches). It’s also much bigger than the likes of the White Outdoor M53K2 Snow Blower or the White Outdoor SB221 Snow Blower. The engine used to power the H9575 is a PowerMore engine that has a displacement of 0.36 liters that has been specifically designed to operate in cold wintery conditions. The engine gives power to the wheels through a transmission box that gives the machine 6 speeds when going forwards and 2 speeds for when it’s going backwards.

The engine also transfers power to the auger and to the impeller on the White Outdoor H9575 dual stage snow blower. The auger is 0.41 m (16 inches) in diameter and actually consists of two independent augers, one on the right and one on the left. If one auger breaks down, the other will keep working so you can continue clearing snow albeit at a lower capacity. The auger is constructed from steel and is heavily serrated. The impeller which forces the snow out through the chute also has a diameter of 0.41 m (16 inches) and made up of steel blades. This gives the snow enough force to throw it over 13.7 m (45 feet).

The chute on the White Outdoor H9575 snow thrower is made from polymer and is controlled by a joystick from the operators station to allow the operator to make adjustments during operation without have to constantly stop the machine. The intake height of the H9575 is 0.56 m (22 inches) and the clearing width is 0.76 m (30 inches).

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