White Outdoor H54K3 Snow Blower

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The White Outdoor H54K3 Snow Blower is a mid sized snow blower. It’s smaller than machines like the White Outdoor H9575 Snow Blower but much bigger than machines like the White Outdoor SB221 Snow Blower.The H54K3 gets it’s power from a PowerMore engine. This has a displacement of 0.28 liters. It can be started by a 2 different starting mechanisms. The first is the old fashioned way of simply using the pull cord recoil mechanism. This is mostly used when you are not close to a power source. If you are close to a power source though, you can start it by simply plugging it in and pressing the on button (simple!).

The White Outdoor H54K3 snowblower has a clearing width of 0.66 m (26 inches) while it’s intake height is a decent 0.53 m (21 inches). With the addition of drift cutting knives, the H54K3 dual stage snowblower can acutally handle depths of snow greater than 21 inches. The snow first gets broken up by the auger when it enters the housing. The auger is made from steel and so can easily handle even heavily compacted snow and ice as well as debris such as pebbles and small branches as well as twigs. The snow then gets fired out the chute of the snowblower by the 0.3 m (12 inch) impeller which also breaks it up further.

As the snow gets fired from the housing of the White Outdoor H54K3 snow thrower, the polymer chute channels it away from the clearing area. This polymer chute has it’s rotation controlled by a joystick in the operators station. This can turn the chute up to 180 degrees. When purchasing the H54K3, 26 inch dual stage snow blower, you get a 3 year warranty if you are an individual who will be using it individually.

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