White Outdoor SB221 Snow Blower

The White Outdoor SB221 Snow Blower is a very small snowblower from White Outdoor, especially when compared to the likes of the White Outdoor SB630 Snow Blower or the White Outdoor M53K2 Snow Blower. It uses a Snow King engine that provides it with 5.5 hp. This is just a 2 stroke engine, unlike a lot of other White Outdoor machines, which means that you need to mix the oil and fuel yourself (it’s not done automatically by the engine). The engine needs to be plugged in when you are starting it as it uses an 110 volt electric starter.

The White Outdoor SB221 snowblower is just a single stage machine which means that there is no impeller to help force the snow out through the chute. Instead there is just an auger. The auger on this 21 inch wide snow thrower has a diameter of 0.23 m (9 inches) and is made from rubber. The reason that the auger is made from rubber and not steel is that it comes into contact with the ground to propel itself forward, as well as chopping up the snow. If it were made from steel it would damage the ground surface that it’s clearing. As the auger propels the machine forward, there is no reversing gear on this snow blower.

The wheels on the White Outdoor SB221 dual stage snow thrower are not responsible for propelling the machine forward and as such have a very narrow width of just 0.04 m (1.7 inches). The machine itself is very light, weighing in at just 36.3 kg (80 lbs). While it has a clearing width of just 0.53 m (21 inches), it’s intake height is very low at only 0.24 m (10 inches). It can throw snow up to a maximum distance of 9.14 m (30 feet).

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