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The Swisher ZT2454 Z-MAX XTR zero turn lawn mower is another decent offering from the team at Swisher that includes machines with smaller cutting widths like the Swisher ZT2452A zero turn mower and larger machines like the Swisher ZT2760B mower. The ZT 2452 ZMAX XTR gets it’s power from a Briggs & Stratton gasoline engine that has overhead valves with a total output of 24 hp. This engine features a full pressure lubrication system to make sure all the moving parts remain functional without excessive wear and tear. The engine feeds power to the wheels through dual hydrostatic transmission that is manufactured by Eaton.

swisher ZT2454The driver controls how much power each rear wheel receives on the Swisher ZT2454 through the lap bars in front of him. These are also used to control whether they are moving in forwards or in reverse. This Eaton transmission gives the ZT 2454 Z-Max ZTR mower a top speed of 9.7 kph (6 mph) in both forwards and reverse. The mower deck features 3 mulching blades that mean the grass clippings are more finely cut up and so rot faster leaving your lawn looking neater than if ordinary blades were used. The cutting width of the mowing deck is 50 inches, but it has a total width of 62 inches as the plastic discharge flap is located on the side of the deck.

The deck on the Swisher ZT2454 Z-MAX XTR is made from 11 gauge welded steel which offers great durability. There are bumber rollers on the front and the back of the deck which act to keep the deck elevated over the ground it’s working on so that the blades don’t accidentally scrap the ground and leave unwanted and unsightly scars. The mower deck is engaged with an electric PTO using a button that you push or pull to engage and disengage it. Click Here to buy the Swisher ZT2454.

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One Review of the “Swisher ZT2454”

  1. Frankie Harden says:

    it has been a good mower in general, 13 years of service…but with the hydro trans messing up……i guess it is time to find something else………damn hydro motor, if it was available…..is 850 -900 dollars……not going to waste it on this worn out piece of crap…………..

    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: g00d cutting unit
    Cons: valve sleve in motor has come out 3 times,now the lt hydro unit won’t go forward very much.

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