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The Swisher ZT2352 Ride King zero turn lawn mower has a reasonable sized mower deck that has a total cutting width of 52 inches. The mower deck houses 3 mulching blades. These mulching blades are different to normal mower blades as they are specially designed to turn the grass clippings into a fine mulch with is less unsightly than regular grass clippings and it rots faster also. The mower deck on the ZT 2352 Ride King is constructed from stamped steel so that it has less potential fracture points. During operation, the mower deck can be raised from a low of 1.5 inches above ground level to a high of 5.5 inches above ground level using a spring assisted hand lever. The mower deck also cleverly features rollers on both the back and front to prevent it from scalping the lawn it’s cutting.

swisher zt2352The engine powering the mower deck on the Swisher ZT2352 is a Briggs and Stratton model pumps out 23 hp and and has 2 cylinders. A dual hydrostatic transmission from Eaton is used to bring power from the engine to the wheels. This allows the driver to use each of the lap bars to control each of the rear wheels. The rear tires each measure 18×9.5-8 (18 inch diameter, 9.5 inch width, 8 inch rim diameter) while the front castor wheels each measure 4.1×3.5-5.6 (4.1 inch diameter, 3.5 inch width, 5.6 inch rim diameter).

The seat on the Swisher ZT2352 Ride King has a 15 inch back which offers very good support to the operator during long hours of mowing. This seat also features arm rests. Depending on your height, it can be adjusted by up to 6 inches forwards and backwards so that you can always find a comfortable position. The 12 volt battery used to start the ZT-2352 provides 275 cold cranking amps. Slightly more powerful models than this one include the Swisher ZT2452A and the Swisher ZT2454 lawnmowers. Click Here to buy the Swisher ZT2352.

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