John Deere SB13 Snow Blowers

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The John Deere SB13 rear mounted snow blower is the largest and most powerful John Deere snow thrower currently available. It is the bigger brother of the John Deere SB11 and John Deere SB12 ranges. The SB13 range of snowblowers actually consists of 4 different, but very similar machines. The John Deere SB1309 is the biggest with an operating width of 2.64 m (104 inches), while the smallest is the John Deere SB1308 with a working width of 2.24 m (88 inches). So you can probably already tell that the JD SB13 snow thrower range is for pretty large scale jobs.

The operating weight of these big snow blowers is; 978 kg (2157 lbs) for the JD SB1308, 1060 kg (2336 lbs) for the JD SB1309, 704 kg (1552 lbs) for the JD SB1388 and the JD SB1392 weighs in at 919 kg (2025 lbs). These are their operating weights. Their shipping weight may vary. You should definitely consider the John Deere SB13 snow thrower series if you are looking for a new rear mounted snow blower for you tractor for many reasons. The JD SB13 snow blower series are all compatible with category 2, 3 point hitches and are also compatible with Quik Coupler hitches.

Unlike the John Deere SB11, all of these models come with a hydraulically operated deflector chute. This means that you never need to leave the cab of your tractor to adjust the throwing angle, as well as making sure that you always get the correct blowing angle when you need it. The John Deere SB 11 snow blower range also comes with many optional extras; you can get a drift cutters kit, a cutting edge kit and a second auger kit. Most people find this snow blower to be more than enough for their needs when it comes to ridding driveways and other large areas of snow.

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