John Deere SB12 Snow Blowers

The John Deere SB12 snow blower series consists of 2 models that are attached to the rear PTO of your tractor. They are the 74 inch snow blower model and the 80 inch snow blower model. Both of these models can be attached to to category 1 and category 2, 3 point hitches as well as John Deere’s iMatch hitch.

The cutting edge of the John Deere SB12 snow blowers auger is made from steel and gives a very long lasting and durable finish to give these snow throwers a long life. Just like the John Deere SB11 snowblower series, the JD SB12 series are all rear facing, meaning that in order to operate them you need to be reversing into the snow. These may feel cumbersome at first, but after a while you will realise how much better this is for removing snow as the wheels of the tractor are no longer compacting the snow ahead of the snow thrower.

The hydraulic deflector chute is much more convenient than the manually operate chute on the JD SB11 snow blower series and allows you to quickly and easily change the direction that you are throwing the snow.

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