John Deere SB11 Snow Blowers

The John Deere SB11 snow blower series attach to the rear power take off (pto) of a large number of JD tractors. They are all compatible with category 1, 3 point hitches and iMatch hitches. These large tractor mounted snowblowers operate when the tractor is reversing into the snow. This may sound a little awkward to some, but it’s acutally very efficient because it means that the tractor tires never get a chance to compact the snow in front of them.

The deflector chute on the JD SB11 snow blower series is manually adjustable, which may sound frustrating, but it’s very easy to adjust it from a sitting position. The smallest John Deere SB11 series snowblower attachment is 48 inches wide, while the biggest one is 94 inches wide. There are also a range of sizes in between, including a 54 inch, 64 inch, 74 inch and 84 inch wide model. However if these snowblowers aren’t to your liking, you can always opt for something similar but more powerful like the John Deere SB12 snow blower series.

If you need a large quality snow thrower attachment for clearing your driveway of snow, then the SB11 series is highly recommended provided you are comfortable using it while reversing.

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