John Deere SB21 Snow Blowers

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The John Deere SB21 snow blower range is a series of 2 slightly different front mounted snow throwers from JD such as the John Deere SB11 and John Deere SB13 series. The first and smallest is the JD SB2164. This snow blower has a total working width of 1.63 m (64 inches), which for the ‘small’ model seems pretty big indeed! The larger model is the JD SB2176 front mounted snow thrower. This has a very impressive width of almost 2 meters. It’s actually 1.93 m (76 inches) wide, which will easily tackle most car sized widths of snow.

The operating weight of the John Deere SB2164 is 363 kg (800 lbs) and it’s power pack weighs in at 243 kg (535 lbs), while the John Deere SB2176 is a massive 344.7 kg (760 lbs) and it’s power pack weighs 244.9 kg (540 lbs). You can see that even the ‘small’ model weighs quite a lot indeed.

The John Deere SB21 snow thrower offers many great features that make operating them very easy and efficient. The angle of the chute is adjustable so that you can vary how far you are actually throwing the snow (it’s throws snow very far, so you obviously don’t want it hitting yours or someone else’s house!). There is also the option of a getting an attachment for the deflector chute so that you can control it electronically from the cab of you tractor allowing you to stay warm. The John Deere SB21 series are powered by the rear PTO on your John Deere. The HP2025 power pack is required for the JD SB2164 snowblower, while the JD SB2176 snowblower requires the HP2134 power pack. A lot of people favor this series of tractor mounted snow blowers over other the rear mounted snowblowers, as they are just a lot easier to operate over long periods of time because you are not constantly turning around to look where you are going.

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