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The John Deere 970 compact utility tractor had a very long run on the production lines from 1989 up until 1998 when it was replaced with the John Deere 4500 tractor. The JD 970 is a popular machine among a range of different professions. It’s used by small farmers, large garden owners and estate owners who need something smaller that is both versatile and capable of a range of jobs. This tractor can work with a range of implements thanks to a category 1, rear hitch as well as it’s compatibility with a number of front end loaders. The rear hitch has a max lifting capacity of 916 kg (2020 lbs). It’s powered by a hydraulic system that has a capacity to hold 20.8 liters of hydraulic fluid and operates at a flow rate of 32.9 liters per minute (8.7 US gallons per minute).

The hydraulic system on the John Deere 970 compact utility tractor is powered by a Yanmar engine. This engine is a 4 cylinder with a total displacement of 1.8 liters. The liquid cooling system on the engine, charged with preventing the engine from overheating can hold up to 17.1 liters of coolant. The max power output from the engine comes to 33 hp. Power from the engine on the JD 970 reaches the wheels through a choice of 2 different transmissions. The first is a collar shift transmission system that provides the tractor with 9 speeds going forwards and 3 when it’s reversing. The other choice is a Syncromesh gearbox that also gives the tractor 9 speeds going forwards and 3 for reversing.

The tractor weighs in at 1211 kg (2670 lbs and has a wheelbase that comes in at 1.75 m (69 inches). The front wheels that steer the tractor each measure 5.5-16 (5.5 inch width, 16 inch rim diameter), while the rear wheels each measure 12.4-28 (12.4 inch width, 28 inch rim diameter). Smaller models that the John Deere 970 in the same series include the John Deere 770 and the John Deere 870 tractors.

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