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The John Deere 4500 compact utility tractor is from the John Deere 4000 series of tractors. Smaller models in the series include the likes of the John Deere 4300 and the John Deere 4400 tractors. The JD 4500 has a category 1, 3 point hitch that can take a huge range of different implements and attachments like a backhoes, sprayers, etc. The rear lifting capacity of this hitch is 1134 kg (2500 lbs). The rear PTO is rated at 540 RPM while the mid PTO to which mower decks can be attached is rated at 2100 RPM. The mower deck that is compatible with this tractor has a cutting width of 72 inches and houses 3 blades.

The engine on the John Deere 4500 that powers all these attachments is a model 4TNE84 from Yanmar. This is a diesel engine that fires at a compression ratio of 18:1. The engine is kept lubricated using a full pressure lubrication system that can hold up to 4.8 liters. The engine has a dry type air filter built in to prevent dust and small particles from getting into the combustion chambers. The engine doesn’t overheat thanks to a liquid cooling system that has a 6.8 liter capacity. Starting the engine in very cold climates is fairly easy thanks to an air heater that comes with the engine as standard. This Yanmar engine gives the JD 4500 a max power output of 39 hp.

The engine powers the wheels through one of 2 transmission set ups. One is a PowrReverser transmission that is partially synchronized giving it 12 gears both in forwards and reverse. The other transmission choice is a collar shift gearbox that gives it 9 forward speeds and 3 speeds for reversing. If you are looking for a machine that is a little larger and has more power than the JD 4500, then you should take a look at the John Deere 4600 compact utility tractor.

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