John Deere 770

The John Deere 770 is very well liked compact utility tractor that enjoyed a long run on the assembly lines thanks to it’s general usefulness. It first started coming out of the John Deere factory in Japan in 1989 and remained in production for 9 years until 1998. It is part of a series of JD tractors that includes the bigger John Deere 870 and the smaller John Deere 670, which are both obviously compact utility tractors also.

The JD 770 is powered by the Yanmar built 3TH82-RJX engine. This is a diesel, natural aspiration engine with 3 cylinders and an engine size of 1.4 liters. This gives a power output of 23 hp. The engine is liquid cooled and the cooling system needs 4.8 liters of coolant to fully fill it and keep it operating efficiently. On the weighing scales, the John Deere 770 registers in at 875 kg (1930 lbs) for the 2WD version, while the 4WD version weighs 954 kg (2105 lbs). The wheelbase of the tractor measures in at 1.37 m (54 inches).

The tractor has a unsynchronized, sliding gear system which gives it 8 gears going forward, while it has 2 gears in reverse. The transmission system needs 15 liters of oil to be fully filled. The category 1, 3 point hitch on this compact has a rear lift capacity of 369 kg (815 lbs). As the JD 770 is not exactly a huge tractor, it doesn’t burn a lot of fuel. As such the fuel tank can only hold 23.8 liters (6.3 gallons) of diesel. The John Deere 770 tractor has a rear and mid PTO, allowing for a mower deck to attached as well as an assortment of other implements at the back of it such as the John Deere 7 backhoe which has a bucket force of 882 kg (1945 lbs). But there are also a range of other rear attachments that the 770 compact tractor can tack, such as box blades, rear mowing decks and scrapers.

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One Review of the “John Deere 770”

  1. Bruce says:

    Great compact tractor. Very reliable if operated within its published limitations and maintained according to schedule.

    The engine (23-24HP), bucket (1190 lbs @ 18″ – 755 lbs @ full height), 3 point (815 lbs), and PTO (20 HP) have adequate power for a tractor of this size.

    I have used this tractor on a 5 acre property to plow snow, level the ground, move dirt, and cut the fields with no problems. Tractor has started every time with the first turn of the key.

    Year of Manufacture: 1997
    Pros: Low fuel consumption.

    Very Maneuverable.

    Easy to do maintenance on.

    Cons: The tractor has to come to a complete stop to shift gears.

    The reverse speed in low range is too slow. The reverse speed in high range is too fast.

    If no ballast is added to the rear of the tractor (filled tires, rear wheel weights, and/or rear ballast box), the front gears may break when using 4WD under excessive load (i.e. the loader bucket is full and the tractor is moving in reverse up an incline).

    Alternator is limited to 20 amps.

    Loader bucket blocks headlights.

    Attachments: Model 70 Loader with 54″ Bucket.

    Ford 6′ Blade.

    Rhino 5′ Mower.

    Modifications: Two Stage Clutch (Continuous Live PTO).


    Power Steering with Hydraulic Oil Filter Kit.

    Selective Control Valve (SCV).

    Rear Auxiliary Hydraulics (Power Beyond).

    Engine Block Heater.

    Front Work Light mounted on side of ROPS.

    Rear Work Light.

    12V Power Outlet.

    Fluid Filled Rear Tires.

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