John Deere 870

The John Deere 870 compact utility tractor is a larger version than the John Deere 670 or the John Deere 770 compact utility tractors which are all part of the same ’70’ series. The engine powering the JD 870 is a Yanmar that uses diesel fuel. The engine is a 3 cylinder model that has a dual element air filter which cleans the air intake and prevents dust and other small particles from getting into the combustion chambers. The total displacement of this engine is 1.4 liters. The engine is keystarted using a 12 volt battery. The engine uses a choice of either a collar-shift gearbox box (9 forward/3 reverse gears) or a Syncromesh gearbox to transfer the 28 hp from the engine to the wheels.

The John Deere 870 compact utility tractor is built on a choice of chassis, either a 4X4 MFWD 4WD or a 4X2 2WD chassis. The total weight of the JD 870 comes to 1140 kg (2515 lbs). The fuel tank that supplies the engine with diesel can hold up to 32.2 liters (8.5 US gallons). The rear hitch (category 1) has a max lifting capacity of 852 kg (1880 lbs). The hydraulics system powering it has a capacity to hold up to 20.8 liters (5.5 US gallons) of hydraulics fluid. The flow rate of the hydraulics comes to 30.7 liters per minute (8.1 US gallons per minute).

The rear wheels on the John Deere 870 tractor are fairly large, measuring 11.2-24 (11.2 inch width, 24 inch rim diameter), while the front wheels are a good deal smaller, each measuring 5-15 (5 inch width, 15 inch rim diameter). The JD 870 enjoyed a long production run of 10 years from 1989 until 1998 when it was discontinued. If you like or dislike this compact utility tractor, then we want to hear from you. You can leave you thoughts on the tractor in a review by filling out the form below.

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One Review of the “John Deere 870”

  1. Rick says:

    Great, would by another Deere even though they are a bit higher in price.

    Year of Manufacture: 1996
    Pros: I have owned this tractor since early 97. I bought it new from the dealer and have enjoyed working with it around properties. It has done everything I have asked of it and never let me down. I set the rear wheels out a bit to improve the safety of it on the side hills. It is light and easy to load onto my trailer for transport to my other properties. It is very easy on the fuel. I have not had any issues with it to date. I move a far amount of snow with it in the winder time. This tractor is a good mix of size versus power to get into many places so I don’t have to break my back.
    Cons: Difficult finding a backhoe attachment for it that is reasonably priced. Wish I could get the front tires to extend out a bit to more closely match the rear for spacing.
    Attachments: I use the following with my tractor:
    5′ brush hog
    post hole digger
    5′ box blade
    5′ rock rake
    4′ disk
    John Deere 440 loader with 5′ bucket
    Modifications: None

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