John Deere 670

The John Deere 670 compact utility tractor had a fairly long production run that lasted a total of 9 years from 1989 when it first appeared until production finished in 1997. The JD 670 comes in 2 flavors; with either a 4X4 MFWD 4WD chassis or a 4X2 2WD chassis. The 4X2 chassis gives it a total weight of 784 kg (1730 lbs), while the 4X4 chassis gives it a total weight of 843 kg (1860 lbs). Considering the weight of this compact utility tractor, you would expect it to be powered by a powerful engine, but the engine only produces 18.5 hp.

This engine powering the John Deere 670 is a Yanmar model 3TNA72. It has a total displacement of just 0.9 liters. It’s liquid cooling system holds 3.8 liters of water. The Yanmar motor has 3 cylinder and fires at a compression ratio of 22.3 to 1. The engine has a dry element air filter to stop dust getting into the engine where it can damage it. The full pressure lubrication system that keeps the engine working smoothly holds 2.6 liters of oil. The engine is keystarted with a 12 volt battery that supplies the engine with 420 cold cranking amps. The engine has a 20 amp alternator which it uses to recharge the battery once it’s running.

The fuel tank on the John Deere 670 can hold up to 23.8 liters (6.3 US gallons) of diesel. The JD 670 does not come with a cab. Instead it just has a 2 post roll over protection system (ROPS). The tractor has a mid PTO which means that you can attach a mower deck to it for cutting grass. On the back, you can attach a John Deere 7 backhoe which is powered by the hydraulics system. On the front, a John Deere 60 front end loader can be attached. Other models in this series include the John Deere 770 which is a little bigger and more powerful.

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One Review of the “John Deere 670”

  1. Richard Bates says:

    I could not have purchased a better utility tractor

    Year of Manufacture: 1996
    Pros: I have had this tractor for 30 years and I have never had a problem with it. The tractor has about 900 hours on it and it has been worked hard. We put a custom built snow bucket on it for the winter months that is about 6 foot wide X 3 foot high and the bottom of the bucket measures about 30″. We use the snow bucket even in the summer to move heavy dirt, gravel, and dig holes in black dirt and sand as deep as 6 foot. It has a detachable 6-foot mower deck that grooms grass like a golf course. We use the John Deere 14 inch auger, 6-foot back blade, 7-foot rack, and the small loader bucket. The tractor is two or four wheel drive. We have worked this unit hard and it has never failed. We could not have purchased a better small utility tractor. When this tractor is used by an experienced operator it can get the job done with surprising results.
    Cons: I wish it had a higher gear for driving to and from different locations.
    Attachments: 6′ W x 3’H x 30″L snow bucket
    Standard bucket that came with the 60 loader
    14″ post hole digger
    7′ back rack
    6′ back blade
    6′ 3 blade mower deck
    Back weight box
    Modifications: We had a custom snow bucket made for it that is 6′ W x 3’H x 30″ deep that we attach to the 60 loader

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