Honda HS1132TA Snow Blower

The Honda HS1132TA Snow Blower is a very large track driven snowblower. This is much bigger than the other track driven snow blowers from Honda like the Honda HS928TAS Snow Blower or the Honda HS724TA Snow Blower. This monster has a very large clearing width of 0.81 m (32 inches) and an intake height of 0.51 m (20 inches) which means that you will often find it being used by professional snow clearing crews. The HS1132TA is recoil started, but there is a variation called the Honda HS1132TAS that can be plugged in to the mains electricity and be started by simply pressing a button. This is only difference between the Honda HS1132TA and the Honda HS1132TAS dual stage snow blower.

The engine powering the Honda HS1132TA dual stage snowblower is a Honda designed and built GX340 engine that has an engine size of 0.34 liters. The fuel capacity of it’s gas tank is 6.1 liters (1.6 US gallons), which when full allows the snow blower to operate non stop for up to 2.5 hours without needing a refill. The infinitely variable transmission on this model gives the the machine unlimited gears both in forward and reverse.

Probably the most obvious and interesting thing about the Honda HS1132TA 2 stage snow blower is that it uses tracks instead of wheels. These tracks give the machine superior grip and traction compared to wheels. This is mainly due to the surface area that they cover when on the ground when compared to regular wheels. The power from the engine is capable of throwing snow up to 17.1 m (56 feet) from the chute. The metal chute is highly adjustable. It can rotate up to 210 degrees and has a deflector at the end to give greater precision for directing the expelled snow. The weight of the HS1132TA comes to 115.2 kg (254 lbs) when it is empty and contains no fuel or oil. The Honda HS1132TAS dual stage snowblower weighs in at 117.9 kg (260 lbs) without fuel or oil.

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One Review of the “Honda HS1132TA Snow Blower”

  1. Kasey says:

    Love using this model. I would recommend this blower to anyone that has a lot of snow to move.

    Year of Manufacture: 0
    Pros: Used other track driven blowers and the 1132 is the boss. I live in Idaho city and have a rough driveway, this blower is perfect. If you have traction issues and need to throw snow in a specific area then this is the blower for you. My neighbor has a big Aierens and it does a good job too but nothing compares to the honda.
    Cons: Hard to move without starting. For the money spent it should come with Cover and drift cutters.

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