Honda HS724TA Snow Blower

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The main difference between the Honda HS724TA Snow Blower and the Honda HS724WA Snow Blower is that the HS724TA uses tracks for gripping the ground instead of tires. The HS724TA is pretty much just the same as the Honda HS928TAS Snow Blower, except that the HS724TA has a clearing width that’s 4 inches smaller. The engine powering the HS724TA is a Honda GX 200 OHV engine. This engine has a displacement of 0.196 liters that adequately powers the machine. As this machine is self-propelled, most people are drawn to it’s tracks which provide fantastic grip and traction when compared to ordinary wheels. This help to prevent it from turning over and from slipping or sliding even if you are working on slopes.

The Honda HS724TA dual stage snow blower can throw snow up to 14 m (46 feet) from the machine. This is thanks to the fact that the HS724TA is has an impeller as well as an auger. The cutting width of this 2 stage snow thrower is 0.61 m (24 inches) while it has a very reasonable intake height of 0.51 m (20 inches). The machine has an overall length of 1.39 m (54.75 inches). Even though the clearing width is 0.61 m (24 inches) the total width of the machine is 0.62 m (24.4 inches). The height of the machine from the ground to the top of the handle bars is 1.13 m (44.3 inches).

The Honda HS724TA dual stage stage snow thrower has an infinite amount of gears when traveling forward and in reverse also thanks to it’s infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission. This is a real time saver when operating the machine in confined and non uniform areas where you need to be constantly changing speed and from forwards to reverse. This machine comes with a residential warranty of 3 years for individuals. This 3 year warranty covers commercial snow clearing businesses also.

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