Lawn Boy 21 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower

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There are 2 distinct Lawn Boy 21 Inch Single Stage Snow Blowers manufactured by Lawn Boy. The first one is the 34001 21″ snowblower. This is started by a a simple mitten grip, pull cord, recoil mechanism. The 34002 21″ snow blower is identical in every single way except for the fact that it has 2 choices to start it. You can use the pull cord recoil mechanism or instead you can just plug it into your nearest plug socket, press a button and it will be up and running with a lot less effort.

Like many single stage snowblowers, the Lawn Boy 21″ one stage snow thrower is semi self propelled. This means that the wheels don’t provide any forward motion to the machine. Instead the snow thrower is pulled forward by the same auger that is used for cutting up the snow. The auger is positioned so that it is just touching the ground slightly. When the auger starts spinning it is consistently ‘grabbing’ at the ground and pulls the machine forward. If the auger was made from steel it would heavily damage any surface it traveled over, so Lawn Boy have built the auger from rubber.

Once the auger has cut up the snow properly, it then feeds it toward the chute where it is sent flying up to 10.7 m (35 feet) away. This chute is made from polymer and needs to rotated by hand. The engine providing the power to both the 34001 and 34002 snow blowers is a Tecumseh that has a power output of 5.5 horse power. The weight of the 34001 snow blower is 36.7 kg (81 lbs) while the weight of the 34002 snow thrower is 37.6 kg (83 lbs). These snow blowers both come with a 2 year warranty for residential users. If you are looking for something a little smaller, then check out the Lawn Boy 20 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower.

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