Lawn Boy 20 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower

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The Lawn Boy 20 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower is a just 1 inch smaller that the Lawn Boy 21 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower. In many ways it is quite similar to it’s slightly bigger brother. Firstly there are 2 very similar versions of this 20 inch snow blower, just like there is 2 versions of the Lawn Boy 21 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower. The 33005 version is started by a recoil, pull cord starting system that requires a little bit of muscle, while theĀ  33006 version is started via a choice of either an 120 volt electric starter system or using a pull cord. Besides the starting systems, everything about these 20 inch snow blowers is identical.

The Lawn Boy 20″ single stage snowblower is powered by a Briggs and Stratton Duraforce 2 stroke engine. This engine has a displacement of 0.14 liters and and draws fuel from a fuel tank that holds up to 0.95 liters of gasoline, allowing well over 1 hour of continuous operation. The rubber auger rotates extremely fast, providing both forward motion and chopping up the snow in front of it. Once the snow is broken up and loose, it is fed towards the chute where the auger gives it enough force to expel it over 10.7 m (35 feet) from the clearing area.

The chute on the Lawn Boy 20 inch one stage snow thrower is rotated manually and built from polymer to help prevent build up and blockages. Sitting at the end of the chute is a deflector which is also adjusted manually that allows the operator to have a huge amount of precision as to where he is directing the snow. The machine weighs in at 35.4 kg (78 lbs) which is incredibly light and makes for easy storage. This snow blower also comes with a 2 year warranty to all residential customers.

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