Ariens Pro ST36DLE Snow Blower

The Ariens Pro ST36DLE Snow Blower is one of Ariens’ most powerful machines. If you need a machine that can effectively clear very large areas covered with snow, then you needs a snow thrower like the ST36DLE. It is far bigger than any of it’s relations like the Ariens Pro 28 Snow Blower or even the Ariens Pro 32 Snow Blower. It is powered by an incredibly robust Briggs and Stratton Polar Force engine that can operate (and start) in temperatures as low as -28.9 Celsius (-20 Fahrenheit) without stalling. This is what makes this machine so popular with snow removal crews. It also features hand warmers to allow the operator continuous use without the risk of getting cold hands.

The engine on the Ariens Pro 36 snowblower has the same starter choices as the other snowblowers manufactured by Ariens like the Ariens Platinum ST30DLE Snow Blower. You can use a recoil start or alternatively you can plug it in and press a button to start it up. Many people like this snow blower (as well as the other models that Ariens produce) due to the fact that it’s so easy to use. It features interlocking controls so that you can operate it with only one hand, leaving the other one free to adjust the direction of the chute.

The Ariens Pro ST36DLE snow blower has a clearing width of 0.91 m (36 inches) while the height of it’s mouth is 0.6 m (23.5 inches). However it can usually tackle snow drift deeper than this provided the snow is not too compacted. The large clearing size of this snow blower and it’s big engine contribute to it weighing a lot more than almost all other Ariens snow throwers. It tips the scales at 165.6 kg (365 lbs). It also uses skid shoes that are reversible so that you can control how the high clearing ‘bucket’ sits above the ground.

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