Ariens Pro 28 Snow Blower

If you are running a professional snow clearing operation (or you just live in an area that gets very heavy snowfalls, then you might consider purchasing an Ariens Pro 28 Snow Blower. They are really quite powerful machines. They are equipped with a Briggs and Stratton Polar Force Engine that is 0.34 liters in size. These engines have been tested to start at up to -28.9 Celsius (-20 Fahrenheit) so you can be assured that they can work in even the most bitterly cold environments. The engine can be started by either plugging it in or with the use of a pull cord, recoil mechanism. This 4 stroke engine has a displacement of 0.32 liters and has a power output of 11.5 hp.

The fuel tank on the Ariens Pro 28 Snow Blower has a capacity to hold 3.8 liters of gasoline. Obviously the width of the Ariens Pro 28 snow thrower is 0.71 m (28 inches). However the height is quite impressive at 0.6 m (23.5 inches) which will allow you to get rid of even the heaviest falls of snow. The Ariens Pro 28 snow thrower uses a Disc-O-Matic transmission which provides the machine with 6 forward gears and 2 gears for reversing. This transmission is housed inside a cast iron box for protection from bumps and bangs

The tires on the Ariens Pro 28 snow blower have a width of 0.12 m (4.8 inches) and feature a directional snow thread, giving huge amounts of traction to the snow thrower even on slippy ground. This model has hand warmers in the handles, so if you are planning to operate it for extended periods of time, this is a great feature to have on it. It also has a halogen headlight so that you can operate the snow blower both during the day and during the night, if you are looking for a smaller model of snow blower, then you might consider the Ariens Pro 26 Snow Blower or even the Ariens Compact 26 Snow Blower.

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One Review of the “Ariens Pro 28 Snow Blower”

  1. george cournoyer says:

    The Pro28 that we recently purchased has a Briggs & Stratton engine without a steel cylinder sleeve, and the engine bogs down when in 12 inches deep snow, and the thrower is in third or fourth speed.

    Our similar model purchased two years ago has a tecumseh engine and breezes thru the same type and depth snow in third and even fourth speed.

    The tecumseh engine is actually smaller than the Briggs & Stratton engine, yet it performs better.

    The dealer told us he had had a similar complaint by another recent customer.

    If anyone has had a similar problem please let us know.

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