John Deere L118

The John Deere L118 lawn mower is a part of the L100 series of ride on garden tractors. It was built over 2 years from 2004 until production finished in 2005. All manufacturing took place in the Horicon assembly plant which is located in Wisconsin. The JD L118 is built on a fully welded frame which helps to reduce the chances of wear and tear when compared to similar frames constructed using nuts and bolts. The hood on this lawn mower is made from JDLoy material which is prevents dents and does not corrode when exposed to the elements.

The engine powering the John Deere L118 lawnmower is a 2 cylinder Briggs and Stratton with natural aspiration. The 12 volt battery used to start this engine is charged using a 16 amp alternator. This engine has a displacement of 0.7 liters and is air cooled. It has a maximum power output of 22 hp. Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels using a Tuff Torq T40 transmission, which fortunately means that there is no gear changing required. To go forward, you just need to press the forward pedal, while you just need to press down the reverse pedal to back up. The JD L118 has a top speed of 8.8 kph (5.5 mph). Users will also be happy to hear that you also have the option of cruise control.

The mower deck on the John Deere L118 has been constructed from 12 gauge steel that is highly durable and won’t deflect easily. The wheelbase measures 1.24 m (49 inches), while the overall length of the JD L118 is 1.75 m (69 inches) when it is not carrying any attachments. The overall width of the lawnmower, once the mower deck is attached comes to 1.32 m (52 inches). If you are looking for a smaller version of this mower, then check out the John Deere L111, but if it’s something bigger that you after, then have a look at the John Deere L120 lawnmower.

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5 Reviews of the “John Deere L118”

  1. Gabe says:

    Darn good to get 14 years with minor maintenance except for changing regular oil to Syn. in trans.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: Bought 2015, changed the regular oil to trans. replaced one pulley drive and one tie rod, machine has over 400 hours.
    Cons: none, really
    Attachments: cart
    Modifications: none

  2. jerry says:

    Mowing, pulling a tiller, carts.

    Year of Manufacture: 1993
    Pros: I bought this little dirty girl at a john deere dealership in central Idaho. Bell equipment… I got her home, cleaned the jet on top of the carb, changed the oil, put new oregon hi lift mulching blades on her. And cleaned the deck… Greased the bearings and steering…MAN THIS LITTLE KAWASAKI RUNS GREAT!!!! I have owned several riders in my life and I am also a small, big, diesel,gas mechanic.. So its a no brainer if they run rough… Just clean the low speed jet on top of carb. I hope this helps. And thank you Mike Webster at Bell equipment for such a wonderful machine and a honest deal!
    Cons: It dont have any!!!!!! Run good blades, and maintain it. It should last you 30 to 40 years.
    Modifications: Blades, increase rpm. top of the line motor oil, good grease….

  3. Deb Bronzetti says:

    Runs rough, won’t start unless it feels like it, carb problem, floods while in motion, or just dies. I am going back to Sears. Prices are better for the value. I had a sears last me 15 years. this one lasted me 8 mows around the yard and I paid 3 months of my wages to get it. JUNK.

    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: Looks nice
    Cons: Won’t start

  4. Willem-Jan Bodingius says:

    First issue was replacement of the original oil filter that was put on so tight that the only way to get it of was to drill a hole through the whole thing and use a steel bar to get it loose. Mower blades (origonal JD) that do not fit and if called upon you get it…. open wallet and go to the dealership. A deck that started chipping paint the first year, brake pads that were lost from the blade stop in a few months…..
    Poor product, no support and highly priced

    Year of Manufacture: 2004
    Cons: High priced, no support and caught in the maze of no support of dealership because it was baught at Home Depot. John Deere dos not ansswers even the simplest questions because that needs to be done by the dealers and the dealers don’t support till you open your wallet even during the warrenty period, because the tractor was not baught at the dealership. Even official John Deere mower blades do not fit the mower deck and need to be grinded down to fit or you guess it… the official John Deere answer, got to the John Deere Dealer. Closest one is an hour away and $$$$.

  5. Koua Lee says:

    Does not quite have the power of my previous LX178, but then again, I have less grass to cut now.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: Easy to use.
    Just the right size for the garage without taking up too much space.
    Tough construction and still looks brand new because of dent resistant hood.
    Oil change is a breeze for do-it-yourself folks and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
    Knock on wood, but I have not had to take it in for any type of mechanical service yet.
    Cons: When you want to mow backwards, you would have to push the button down or it will shut off. (Safety feature I guess). Other than that, no other known cons.
    Attachments: The bagger system is another $300+.
    The lightweight canopy definately helps while mowing under the blazing sun.
    Modifications: None – Like it just the way it came.

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