John Deere L111

Not known by many, the John Deere L111 is a tractor that seems to have slipped by without get much notice from lawnmower enthusiasts. Part of the reason for this is because it only had a production run of a single year in ’05. It was assembled in the Horicon facility in Wisconsin. It’s Briggs and Stratton, gasoline V twin engine is a 2 cylinder, 0.7 liter, natural aspiration, air cooled engine that has a power output of 20 hp. This power is transferred into it’s 4×2 2WD chassis via a Turf Torq 40, hydrostatic transmission giving it an unlimited number of gears going both forwards and backwards. It has a top speed going forward of 5.5 mph. All of these statistics make the JD L111 not stick out at all and actually seem very similar to many of John Deere’s other ride on lawn mowers that it was producing around this time, another reason why it hasn’t got that much attention.

One of the great plus points about the John Deere L111 garden tractor lawnmower is the fact that it’s relatively light for a 20 hp machine. It’s only 209 kg (462 lbs). It measures 1.75 m (69 inches) in length, while it’s width (not accounting for it’s wheelbase or mower deck width) is 0.91 m (36 inches). It has a gas tank capacity of 7.9 liters (2.1 US gallons) giving it between 2 – 4 hours running time depending on how long (and wet) the grass it’s cutting as well as how much choke you have on.

The John Deere L111 also has a 16 amp alternator that charges the 12 V battery to power all the instruments. One of the great things about the JD L 111 is that it has cruise control as standard so if do find that you have to cut a large, boring area of grass, you can switch it on. The L111 has 7 different mowing deck heights so that you get the mowing height that you want.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere L111”

  1. PAUL PADDOCK says:

    Have tried to treat it right, while doing harsh work with it. Although some things wear out, or break, I’m really happy with the machine overall.

    Year of Manufacture: 5
    Pros: Strong motor, bullet proof transmission, usually reliable.Have used my L111 for years on some rough, slope property. Usually have to fiddle with it at the beginning of the mowing season, but overall, I’m very satisfied. I disconnected the seat switch, and the reverse safety switch. Much easier to use now.
    Cons: Had a problem with the transmission fan on two occasions when I first purchased it. A design flaw, I think. Been fine now for years.
    Attachments: I use it with a small trailer. Great work saver.
    Modifications: Have rigged the vinyl flap where the grass exits with an adjustable rope. Allows me to adjust how far the grass is thrown, depending on depth, and thickness of the grass.

  2. renaldo robinson says:

    Good experience for tractor this old has 167 hours fires right up. Got off CL and it was running when purchased needed some paint for rust spots and some lube in areas.

    Year of Manufacture: 2005
    Pros: Plenty of power great cut nice features.
    Cons: Deck could be little tougher starting to rust little.

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