John Deere 112

The John Deere 112 is a small but robust lawnmower that JD manufactured from 1966 until they stopped producing it in 1974 and changed over to the John Deere 212. This lawn mower was manufactured in Wisconsin in their production facility in Horicon. It actually has a smaller version as well, the John Deere 110. There is a choice of 3 different engines for this model; The Tecumseh HH100 which is a gasoline powered, 0.4 liter, one cylinder, 10 hp engine, The Kohler K241AS, which is a gasoline powered, 0.4 liter, one cylinder, 10 hp engine and the Kohler K301AS which is a gasoline powered 1 cylinder, 0.5 liter engine providing a little more kick with 12 hp. All three of these engines (the Tecumseh and 2 Kohlers are air cooled, not liquid cooled). They transmit this power into 1 reverse and 4 forward gears, maxing out with a top speed of 7.1 mph.

The storage capacity of the gasoline tank on the 112 is 7.2 liters (1.9 US gallons) which is not a huge amount but enough for a few hours operation. It’s widest point measures 1.11 m (44 inches), while it is 1.6m (63 inches) in length. It tips the scales at an even 300 kg (663 lbs) in weight. There is also a slight variation of the JD 112, it’s called the John Deere 112H. It’s only difference is that it has a hydraulic lift.

The JD 112 was another popular lawn mower from John Deere. In fact it’s safe to say that it was not just their tractors that made John Deere the famous brand that it is today. Right through the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s they produced a nearly flawless and unrivaled line of quality ride on lawnmowers. Thanks to it’s quality parts and production, there you will still see many John Deere 112’s in action cutting people’s lawns today.

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