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The John Deere H was designed and built for small to medium sized farmers. It had a production run that lasted from 1939 right up until well after the Second World War in 1947. Like just about all the popular John Deere models back then, there were quite a few variations of the JD Model H produced. There is the John Deere Model HN which is a tricycle design. The John Deere HWH model iss very similar to the regular H but it has a non fixed front axle that is adjustable. The John Deere HNH is also a tricycle design, except that it also had an adjustable front axle.

Just over 60,000 JD model H’s were built (that includes all 4 models) each of which used the same John Deere kerosene engine. It was a 2 cylinder, 1.6 liter engine that required 20.8 liters of coolant. This produced just 14 hp which transferred it’s power to it’s 4×2 2WD chasis. The interesting thing about the size of the engine and fact that it was fueled with cheaper kerosene rather than petrol or diesel shows clearly that this John Deere was aimed primarily at the smaller farmer.

It is 2.82 m (111 inches) long and has a width of 2m (79 inches). It’s interesting to note that the John Deere H actually weighed in at 1376 kg (3035 lbs) which seems like quite a lot when you consider the lawn mowers JD produces these days are much lighter yet have much more powerful engines. However 14 hp seemed quite reasonable for a small tractor back then. Nowadays the John Deere model H is very much a collectors item among fans of John Deere. You will regularly see them in shows and fairs.

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