John Deere 110

The John Deere 110 should be bought with a view to maintain large lawns and gardens. You would usually see a garden tractor like this going about its work in a public park or football field. The John Deere 110 falls into the segment of Garden Tractors.

It was in the year 1963 that the production of this model commenced. The production was carried out in Horicon in the United States of America. The John Deere 110 is regarded as one of the most reasonable tractors in its segment when it comes to the pricing. The original price of this model is $1,115. Being a garden tractor it is obvious that the engine would not be as powerful as some of the farming tractors. The engine of this model is 10 HP.

The steering of the John Deere 110 is manual. The brakes are also manual. Garden tractors are not purchased with a view of making them run for long hours and covering long distances. They are usually used for smaller purposes and the runtime is relatively lesser. Hence, the fuel capacity of this model has been kept to 1.9 American gal or 7.2 liters approximately.

The wheelbase of this model is 44 inches. The JD 110 is not as heavy as some of the other lawn mowers manufactured by the company. It weighs somewhere around 635 pounds. The length of this model is 63 inches while the width is 34.5 inches. The height measured is 38.7 inches.

The engine of this model has been manufactured by Kohler. The JD 110 engine runs on gasoline, as is the case with most of the tractors manufactured by John Deere. Like most of the garden tractors, John Deere 110 too has got 4 gears for forward movement and 1 gear for backward movement.

John Deere 110 is considered to be one of the best tractors for large garden lawns. Ever since its production started it has been one of it’s bestsellers.

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One Review of the “John Deere 110”

  1. James Goans says:
    Performance Not Rated
    Reliability Not Rated
    Overall Satisfaction Not Rated

    Terrible customer service not the old john deere.

    Year of Manufacture: 2013
    Pros: I did mow great easy to use
    Cons: Had 10 hours on it engine went out. Engine surged from day one. JD says keep using it it will go away. Since the engine went out call corporate office they will not do anything to help. They should replace the tractor with a new one since it had problems from day one. That’s good customer relations.
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    Modifications: None

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