John Deere 212

The John Deere 212 is yet another beautifully crafted tractor from the house of John Deere. This model is one of its many successful garden tractors. The model has been able to deliver extraordinary results, making sure that the user’s expectations are fulfilled to the core.

The production of the John Deere 212 started way back in the year 1975. The production lasted up to 1987. This is one of the few John Deere models to be produced over such a long span of time, clearly indicating how popular this model was and still is among users. Manufacture of the JD 212 took place at Horicon in United States of America.

To start with, the JD 212 has a 12 horsepower engine. Many of you reading might consider the engine to be below par when it comes to power. However, when we talk about garden tractors, this power is way better than most of the other tractors. The fuel capacity is around 3.5 American gallons which comes to about 13 liters.

The wheelbase of the John Deere 212 is 46 inches, again, a very large wheelbase for a garden tractor. The weight of this machine is 660 lbs. It has got a manual steering wheel. The engine has been manufactured and designed by Kohler. Kohler and John Deere have had a long and successful association. The engine on the John Deere 212 runs on gasoline. Being a garden tractor, it has a single cylinder engine.

It is equipped with a single reverse gear and 4 front gears. The length of this model is 67.5 inches which again is regarded to be excellent for this segment. The width of the model is 41.5 inches while its height stands tall at 42 inches.

One of the highlights of the JD 212 is its attachments. It has got a mower deck with a cutting width of 38 inches. The same model is also available with a mower deck whose cutting width is an amazing 46 inches. The overall look of the model too is something which has played a vital role in its awesome sale chart. The combination of green and yellow is good enough to be termed as the ‘perfect icing on cake’.

The John Deere 212 is definitely one of the bestsellers when we talk about the garden segment of tractors manufactured by John Deere. This model can sure give any other tractor a run for its money.

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2 Reviews of the “John Deere 212”

  1. Kevin says:

    Lasted 36 years before the engine sized after the head developed a chip.

    New connecting rod and crank and we’re off again.

    Year of Manufacture: 1984
    Pros: Reliable simple robust
    Cons: Small deck size large turning radius
    Attachments: Mower tiller
    Modifications: None

  2. Simon P. says:

    I made the mistake of not purchasing my John Deere 212 from a licensed dealer or buying one new. I was told I was buy it second hand…but who knows… it could have been third hand or 4th hand.

    Pros: Still a reasonable mower with a nice 42 inch mowing deck.
    Cons: Cuts out when the grass is even a little damp or moist or long, which is not what I have experienced with previous JD mowers I have purchased…mind you they were all brand new and in perfect working order, purchased from a licensed dealer
    Attachments: 42 mower deck. I also have a snow blower, but I’m not sure of the model

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