Toro Z Master Z441

The Toro Z Master Z441 zero turn lawn mower is not quite as big and powerful as other machines in the Z Master series like the Toro Z Master Z558 or the Toro Z Master Z560 zero turn lawn mowers. However it’s still marketed towards commercial users. The engine that powers the Z 441 Z-Master is a Kawasaki twin cylinder gasoline engine that pumps out 21 hp. The engine features overhead valves and uses a full pressure lubrication system to keep the engine fully oiled. The fuel tank on this lawn mower is big, despite the size of the engine. It can hold up to 37.9 liters (10 US gallons) of gasoline.

As the Toro Z Master Z441 is a zero turn lawn mower, it uses a dual hydrostatic transmission system that consists of Hydro-Gear pumps and wheel motors to power the wheels. This allows for independent control of each rear wheel. To execute a zero radius turn on the Z 441 Z Master, you need to push the dual levers in opposite directions. Going forward, the lawn mower can reach up to 13.7 kph (8.5 mph) while in reverse it can reach 7.9 kph (4.9 mph). The rear wheels which are responsible for powering the Z441 each measure 23×9.5-12 ( 23 inch diameter, 9.5 inch width, 12 inch rim diameter) while the front castor wheels are a lot smaller. These each measure 13×5-6 (13 inch diameter, 5 inch width, 6 inch rim diameter).

The Toro Z Master Z441 zero turn lawnmower comes with a roll bar (ROPS) as standard. This ROPS folds which makes storing it in low ceiling sheds fairly easy. If you have ever operated the Z441 ZMaster, then please leave a review of it below so that others can get an idea of what kind of machine it is. Make sure to include the good and the bad points so that people get a good overall insight into whether or not they should purchase it.

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