Toro Z Master Z597-D

Many people see the Toro Z Master Z597-D zero turn lawnmower as the bigger brother of the Toro Z Master Z595-D zero turn mower due to the fact that it has a slightly more powerful engine and it can accommodate larger mower decks. There are 2 mowing deck choices for the Z597D. They are a 60″ and 72″ deck. Each of these decks houses three blades and are special ‘Turbo Force’ decks which are more resilient than regular 7 gauge steel decks from Toro. They have a protective, reinforced steel bumper nose on the front edge. Also on the front edge are 6 anti-scalping wheels which keep the deck traveling smoothly over your lawn without allowing it to ‘catch’ and scratch the surface of your lawn.

The mower deck on the Toro Z Master Z597-D can be raised and lowered from 1.5 inches to 5 inches above the ground with the help of a spring assisted, foot operated pedal. The deck on the Z597D has a number of different options for dealing with the grass clippings. You can attach a rear bagger to collect them which is the most time intensive, but neatest option. The second option is to use a mulching kit to turn the clippings into a nutritious mulch. The last is to just leave the grass clippings lying on the ground.

The engine that powers the Toro Z Master Z597-D is a diesel (hence the ‘D’). This engine is manufactured by Daihatsu and produces 27 hp. The engine is kept from overheating through an air cooling system. It uses a heavy duty air canister type air filter as standard to purify the air intake before it enters the engine. The engine transfers power to the wheels through a system of Hydro-Gear pumps and Parker wheel motors. It transfers power to the blades in the mower deck through an Aramid Fiber V-Belt.

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