Snapper RER17.5/33

Amazingly, the Snapper RER17.5/33 is the largest in the Rear Engine Rider Series produced by Snapper. The smaller models in the series are the Snapper RER13.5/30, Snapper RER11.5/28 and the Snapper RER12.5/28 lawnmowers. Most people find it hard to believe that the most powerful lawnmower in this series has an engine with a power output of just 17.5 hp. The reason for this is that the RER17533 is designed as a smaller compact sit on lawnmower that just gets the job done. You won’t find any fancy gimmicks or technology on this lawnmower. It’s just an engine, chassis, seat, steering wheel and mower deck.

The engine that produces the 17.5 hp on the Snapper RER17.5/33 rider is a 1 cylinder, Briggs and Stratton Intek engine. This engine is started either with a recoil pull cord or through an electric starter system that uses a 12 volt battery which supplies the engine with 230 cold cranking amps. The engine draws gas from a tank that can hold 6.6 liters of gas. This gas tank may seem small, but is fairly reasonable when you consider the small size of the engine. The total weight of the RER 17.5/33 is fairly light, tipping the scales at just 165.6 kg (365 lbs).

The Snapper RER17.5/33 has 3 options for dealing with the grass clippings. The best option is to use Snapper’s Ninja Mulcher system which turn the clippings into a fast rotting mulch that returns their nutrients to the soil. However there are also other options. You can collect the clippings in a hopper attachment. Or if you don’t want to collect the grass clippings, you can jsut discharge them out the side of the mower deck, which is the quickest option. There are 5 speeds on the RER 17533  and 1 for reversing. If you own or have previously owned one of these rider lawnmowers, then make sure to leave a review on it below.

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One Review of the “Snapper RER17.5/33”

  1. Ben Hayes says:

    I love my rear engine rider 1133X5S extra tough model. I want a new one, but Snapper changed the steering from handle bars to a boxy wheel and added a new seat mount which eliminated so much space that I cannot safely fit my 6’4″ frame onto the mower. With a sloping yard I have ruled out a hydrostatic drive transmission. Snapper doesn’t offer a manual geared lawn tractor, so I’ll have to go with another maker. I’m really disappointed For simply cutting grass there is nothing better than a Snapper rear engine rider.

    Year of Manufacture: 1989
    Pros: Long life with a bare minimum of maintance. Ease of use. Cuts well. Very dependable.
    Cons: No Cons on my 22 year old Series 5, rear engine 33″ Hi-Vac. Today’s RERs are somewhat over priced for a basic mower. A Snapper LT2342 hydrostatic drive tractor costs less than the RER17.5/33.

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