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The Lawn Boy 10642 walk behind lawnmower is similar to a lot of other models offered by Lawn Boy. It has a ReadyStart engine that is designed and built by Briggs and Stratton. This engine powers both the mower deck and the rear wheels. If you own a property with many small and hard to reach areas, then the the 10642 may be suitable for you as it is both light and incredibly maneuverable. The speed of the lawn mower is variable so that you can adjust it to how fast you feel like walking.

The deck on the Lawn Boy 10642 mower has a lot of redundant space above the mower blade. The purpose of this extra space is to make mulching the grass clippings very easy. The mower blade itself is not just a straight piece of steel. It has been shaped to give a triple cut action, making the clippings smaller so that they rot faster. Perhaps leaving the grass clippings to rot on your lawn is not something you want to do. Thankfully the 10642 has a bagger attachment that comes with it to collect them. This bagger is attached to the rear of the lawn mower.

Many of Lawn Boy’s models may seem very similar as they specialize in walk behind lawnmowers with a cutting width of either 20″ or 21″. If you are interested in seeing more machines, then you should take a look at either the Lawn Boy 10640, or the Lawn Boy 10685 or even the Lawn Boy 10641 mowers. If you have ever operated the 10642 Lawn Boy self propelled lawn mower, then leaving a review below will be very helpful to others to give them an idea as to whether or not this is the machine that best suits their needs. Try to be as objective as possible when leaving your review.

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