Lawn Boy 10641

The Lawn Boy 10641 self propelled lawn mower is a variable speed model which means that you can control the speed of it from behind that lawn mower to suit how fast you are walking. These controls are at the end of the handle bars. The engine powering this lawn mower is a Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart model that produces 6.5 ft-lbs of torque. This engine powers the rear wheels on the lawnmower. Each rear wheel has a diameter of 8 inches, while the front wheels each have a diameter of 7 inches.

The height of the mower deck on the Lawn Boy 10641 is adjusted from the wheels. You are able to cut your lawn at just 1 inch from ground level. The deck can be raised up to 4 inches above the ground. This mower deck is constructed from steel for strength. It houses a single 20 inch triple cut mower blade that makes mulching the grass clippings incredibly easy. There are a total of 3 different choices for dealing with the grass clippings on the 10641 mower. Thanks to the fact that it comes with a bagger, many people choose to collect the clippings and dispose of the away from their lawns. Others mulch the clippings so that they rot faster. The last choice is to simply discharge the clippings out the side of the mower deck.

Lawn Boy regards the starting system on the Lawn Boy 10641 very highly. This is why it comes with a 3 year warranty when bought new to always start on just one or 2 pulls. The rest of the machine has a 2 year complete coverage warranty so that if something does break down on it, you can get it fixed. Make sure to leave a review below if you have ever used the 10641 to let others know what they should expect from it. Try to include both good and bad points to give a balanced perspective.

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One Review of the “Lawn Boy 10641”

  1. Norty3b says:

    Poor – constantly in shop to fix power drive problems

    Year of Manufacture: 2009
    Pros: If you have a perfect lawn with no trees, this is a great mower. Otherwise I HIGHLY recommend you find a better-designed mower
    Cons: The the power drive failed multiple times after the first year of use, eventually also ruining the belt each time. Two unrelated repair shops showed me how any hard material mowed over can easily be funneled into the power drive belt housing, jamming against the flywheel (eventually mangling the belt). It is impossible to remove the debris without basically taking the mower apart. I have pine trees and gum trees, both of which drop solid materials. The official written Customer Service response is that the mower is designed for handling grass clippings. No remedies were offered, although I asked for the problem to be resolved. So I am out of luck, but so is Lawn-Boy (and maker Toro) for my future business

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